Monday, August 31, 2009

Twins Getting Crunk in Indian Village

Walk around Kodinji village and you'll think that you have double vision. The village is home to as many as 230 sets of twins. Nobody knows why there are so many twins in the village of 15,000 people, although one local doctor suspects it might be due to the water.

In fact with about 35-45 twins per live birth, this village in North Kerala, India, has four times more twins than normal. Not surprisingly, the village has been dubbed "the twin village." The latest official estimates by the Kodinji's Twins and Kins Association (TAKA), which conducted door-to-door surveys at the start of the year, found that there were 204 sets of twins.

Based on births since the survey was conducted, there are probably now around 230 sets of twins in the village, locals said. That number is set to rise as there are five women pregnant with twins.

Full article here. P.S. Read the last sentence of that linked article. That was a non-sequitur like a muhfugga, wasn't it? Like, did the author have no other possible way to end the story?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Breaded Tofu, Baked Macaroni and "Cheese"

This is the 1st week of school at my job AND I have a deadline of Friday to turn in some important stuff for my thesis so I'll be blogging all sorts of random nonsense after that. In the meantime...GETCHU SUMMA THIS!

Breaded tofu from the cookbook 'The Garden of Vegan'...made with a BAWSE ASS breading and spice recipe then pan fried.
Baked Mac n "Cheese" made from a mixture of soy cheese, macaroni shell pasta, cornstarch, nutritional yeast, soymilk, and breadcrumbs baked in the oven. From this vegweb recipe, but I changed some of it.
I served some peas with this too. No recipe. :-/

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Regular Amel Larrieux Fanatic Update

One thing I love about all this technology is how many people I've met and "met" online/offline. When I went to San Francisco to see Amel, I met Ness who I frequently talked to on Blisslife.
I was SO exhausted at this point. Had been up since 4 am CST flew to Cali, traipsed and frolicked around San Francisco, went to 2 back to back concerts, so this was around 12:30-1:00am when this pic was taken.

Anyhoo, she went to see Amel last month in LA and got this video of her singing how she met and married her husband, Laru.

Love it.

Dog and Owner in Need

If you guys are animal lovers or even if you can just feel compassion for someone going through a tough time, help out Krystle; aka YoungBlkBeauty (she blogs). Her dog, through some unfortunate events is very sick and she just relocated and took a new job and can't afford to get him treated and cared for. Those of us who have pets know what dear companions they become and it is heartbreaking when something isn't right. Here's the link where you can read the story and help if you so choose.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yum-Type Dinner

Boca Chikn patty, green bean casserole, mashed sweet and regular potatoes. I felt so proud tonight, this meal was full of YUM. This was my first attempt at making my own mashed potatoes, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't know why I always assumed making mashed potatoes was complicated.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surfside Sunday

For some reason I keep forgetting what a wealth of treasures Texas has to offer regarding nature. I went to Surfside, TX today with Crabby and our friends and friend-family. We had a blast! (Blast is one of those words that always makes me giggle because it's so over-the-top) The water was shallow very far out and the waves were awesome, so we were just a-frolicking to our heart's content. I'm definitely going to keep exploring this big ass country state.

Stuntin' and mermaiding on all you hoes

Me and Crabby saltwater'd up

My hair post-oceanwater. The salt defines and separates the curls so crazy-like.
Oh yeah, I saw District 9 on Friday. It was weird. Like, hella weird. I don't even know what else to say about it. I enjoyed it overall, but wouldn't want to see it again. The beginning was really blatant with comparisons to current world issues and that annoyed me. After that, it was just weird man. Has anyone else seen it yet?


I saw this on the blog of Cas and tried it for myself. The results for me were so accurate that I was actually stunned because I didn't think it would really tell me anything. Funny how you know certain things about yourself but when it's presented to you so you can SEE it, the impact is so much more serious. I put in bold the parts that really struck me.

Date: 8/15/2009 Colorgenics Number: 15243067

You have always longed for tenderness, love and a sensitivity of feeling into which you would like to blend. You are a very gentle warm person and responsive to 'All things bright and beautiful'. This personifies a caring person, a person who 'needs' and indeed 'needs to be needed'.

You are trying to improve your position and prestige - be it in your life or in your workplace. Things are, at this time, OK - but they could be better. You feel that it is essential that you break down any opposition that could possibly lurk in the shadows. You know that you are quite capable of achieving this set goal because you have to and because it is essential to your self esteem.

At times all of us would like to be like the ostrich - to be able to bury our heads in the sand and let the rest of the world go by, but unfortunately you can't do just that - you have to face up to reality. A little peace and quiet would be most acceptable at this time but if only one could turn a blind eye to the problems of the day! Tomorrow is another day and who knows, it could be 'today' (not tomorrow) that could be the first day of the rest of your life!

Presently, you are experiencing stress because of restriction on your independence. You need and seek respect from other people and it is essential that they appreciate you for yourself and not for what they would like you to be. You have your own beliefs and convictions and you would like to be respected for them. You are anxious to avail yourself of every opportunity that may come your way but nevertheless, come what may, you have the need to control your own destiny without imposed limitations or restrictions.

You wish to be left in peace... no more conflict and no more differences of opinion. In fact you just don't want to be involved in arguments of any shape or form. All you want is for 'them' to get on with it - and to leave you alone.

Try it for yourself here. The energy we put out is often overlooked. This means more to me than I realized.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Robot Chicken Gummy Bear


Friday, August 14, 2009

Poodles n Tumblr n Sawngz

~Poodles have always been among the top 3 smartest dog breeds. This year it has been reported that they are the 2nd smartest breed next to Border Collies, with German Shepherds rounding out the top 3. The article also reports that many dogs have the intelligence of a 2-year old person; recognizing over 100 words and being able to do simple arithmatic. As someone who has a poodle that routinely reads the dictionary for fun, this is not exactly news to me.

Examples of the ways my soul has been weakened by having a poodle:
*He knows not to pee in the house. One night years ago, me or Crabby forgot to take him out at night. Around 5 or 6 the next morning, I dimly saw Pookie scratch the bedroom door open, and leave. He came back after a moment and stood in the doorway looking toward us. He then got back in his bed. When I woke up, I noticed he had peed on the trash can and put 2 and 2 together. He had to go so bad but didn't want to pee in a "bad" area of the apt, so he peed on the trash can. He came back and looked at us as if to say, "I hope you're ok with what I just had to do."
*One day years ago Pookie kept walking up to me and whimpering. I had no idea what he wanted, because he had already been outside and I grabbed a toy but he didn't want to play. So I forgot about it and went back to watching TV/reading. I get up and go in the kitchen and this muhfugga is laid out on his side in a roadkill position in front of his water bowl. He had been trying to tell me to refill his water bowl. This dramatic cunt of a poodle just collapsed in front of it like a dying man in front of an oasis.
*When I get up, somehow he KNOWS if I'm getting up just to get something and sit back down or if I'm about to get my shoes and leave. This is before I go in any particular direction that would give him a hint.
*If our other dog Topaz wants to go out and we're ignoring her, she'll go sit by Pookie all upset and Pookie will get up and come ask us for her.
*He knows the phrase "Go tell him, then!" If I want him to ask Crabby to take him out I'll say "Well go tell him, then!" And he'll make a funny noise and gallop off.
~I have joined Tumblr and set up a page. It's really just an excuse to have a dumping ground for my unicorn/cuntiness. I post images that inspire me and songs that are dreamy and jamming. Also lyrics and quotes that stand out to me. I've only done a few since I just started, but I'll be updating frequently. Join me! The Treasure Hunter.
~I'm looking forward to a restful weekend. I started the process for my Masters Thesis this week and that has been a HUGE relief to finally get the ball rolling. We're supposed to head to a beach this weekend so I'm greatly looking forward to that, as well as another game of Spades (I'm addicted), and a viewing of the movie District 9. To send you off for the weekend, here are a couple of sexy-chill instrumentals that I jam. I am usually not a fan of instrumentals; they really have to put me in a zone. But these two are Gem approved, so enjoy!
Florent 2AM

Cinquo Dias

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exercise and Weight Loss

Extremely interesting and eye-opening article on Time about exercise and weight loss. It's eye-opening because when you think about it, it really makes sense.

People believe exercise helps you lose weight. While exercise is good for toning, muscle-building, and general health; it will not blast away the excess pounds you hope to lose. Diet remains the number 1 factor in weight loss. People will almost kill themselves in the gym to burn a couple of few hundred calories, which is promptly negated by the salty and sugary snacks and beverages that people eat and drink afterward. Amazing. I have been overlooking this in order to focus on my new workout plan when I had forgotten that when I watch what I eat, my pixie stomach pooch disappears. Crabby (my husband) just told me about his friend who has a friend who just lost 15 pounds in a month simply by cutting out all fast foods and soda (drinking only water) and not going to the gym once. I know people who were almost obese when pregnant, and got super slim without working out.

This is not a gym-bashing post at all; I just think people need to be realistic about their expectations when they go a-gymming (doesn't that sound delightful? A-gymming?). Get toned, get swoll, get beefcakey, build endurance and strength, YAAASSSS. Get rid of the excess poundage? Not so much. I don't advocate crash dieting or stuff that cuts out whole sections of food, like carbs. Just watch what you eat. Watch what you drink. Read labels. Pay attention to serving sizes. Look at the size of our dinner plates. They're huge! I read a study once that showed people will fill up their plate no matter what size, no matter how hungry they actually are. So huge plates=huge portions. Read your juice. I diligently hunt out 100% juices that have no corn syrup or added sugar. You'd be surprised how much of your juice says 3% juice or has high fructose corn syrup in the 1st 3 ingredients. Vitamin Water? Glorified sugar water. Fast food? Welp, you see where I'm going with this. Here are some excerpts from the article:

According to calculations published in the journal Obesity Research by a Columbia University team in 2001, a pound of muscle burns approximately six calories a day in a resting body, compared with the two calories that a pound of fat burns. Which means that after you work out hard enough to convert, say, 10 lb. of fat to muscle — a major achievement — you would be able to eat only an extra 40 calories per day, about the amount in a teaspoon of butter, before beginning to gain weight. Good luck with that.

If evolution didn't program us to lose weight through exercise, what did it program us to do? Doesn't exercise do anything? Sure. It does plenty. In addition to enhancing heart health and helping prevent disease, exercise improves your mental health and cognitive ability.

But there's some confusion about whether it is exercise — sweaty, exhausting, hunger-producing bursts of activity done exclusively to benefit our health — that leads to all these benefits or something far simpler: regularly moving during our waking hours.

The problem ultimately is about not exercise itself but the way we've come to define it. Many obesity researchers now believe that very frequent, low-level physical activity — the kind humans did for tens of thousands of years before the leaf blower was invented — may actually work better for us than the occasional bouts of exercise you get as a gym rat. "You cannot sit still all day long and then have 30 minutes of exercise without producing stress on the muscles," says Hans-Rudolf Berthoud, a neurobiologist at LSU's Pennington Biomedical Research Center who has studied nutrition for 20 years. "The muscles will ache, and you may not want to move after. But to burn calories, the muscle movements don't have to be extreme. It would be better to distribute the movements throughout the day."

You regularly hear about the benefits of exercise in news stories, but if you read the academic papers on which these stories are based, you frequently see that the research subjects who were studied didn't clobber themselves on the elliptical machine. A routine example: in June the Association for Psychological Science issued a news release saying that "physical exercise ... may indeed preserve or enhance various aspects of cognitive functioning." But in fact, those who had better cognitive function merely walked more and climbed more stairs. They didn't even walk faster; walking speed wasn't correlated with cognitive ability.

In short, it's what you eat, not how hard you try to work it off, that matters more in losing weight. You should exercise to improve your health, but be warned: fiery spurts of vigorous exercise could lead to weight gain.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frito Pie

~It has come to my attention that many people outside of Texas have no idea what a Frito Pie is. Upon learning this news, I clutched my pearls, fell back against the wall and slid down sobbing. The f*** y'all mean y'all don't know what a Frito Pie is?! So it is my job to educate the masses. If you want the non-vegan version, I invite you to accept Google as your Lord and Savior.
~Growing up, Frito Pies were part of pretty much every Texan child's memories. Bowling alleys, skating rinks, various events were associated with the little Fritos bag opened with steaming hot chili and a fork inside.
~My vegan version is adapted a bit from the childhood frito pies. I use:
-Amy's Vegetarian Chili (the green can, medium level of spiciness)
-Diced tomatoes
-Nooch for that creamy, cheesy type taste
-Boca Ground Beef Crumbles
~Combine everything except the Fritos in a pot and heat. Pour some over a bowl-o-Fritos. Nom to death. Be satisfied.
~Dearest bloggies, won't you make a Frito Pie with me this summer? They're also good in winter. I swear to you they taste like liberty and justice for all. You're welcome.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


*Imagine me saying the post title in a monster truck rally type voice

Click the following link for natural hair inspiration MOTHER *BLEEP BLEEP* OVERLOAD!

Discovered through Get Togetha.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Irresistable B****, Let's Go. Where We Goin'?

20,000 points to anyone who knows where that line is from!
I went to Marlin, TX last weekend for a family reunion on my husband's mother's side of the family. This quote about Marlin from Wikipedia did me in: "At the census in 2000, Marlin had a population of 6,628, a increase of 242 more people from 1990, when the census said Marlin had a population of 6,386. Things went downhill from there." It was relaxing and country. Got crunk in several games of Spade. Ate some fries. Drank a Pibb. Watched people of all ages sing hymnals and later do the Stanky Leg.
At a gas station on the way...what in the Soylent Green hell is "Potted Meat Food Product"? Reason #4869 I do not eat meat, right here.
Monday I started my workout plan, it was a pretty good beginner work-out, but I've had a cold or cold-like symptoms all week so I haven't been back yet. It's on next week though! I have stuck to my no soda during the week rule though, so big ups to me. I've been cooking. Last night I cooked this tasty morsel (I hate you, QQ) for your delight:

Linguine with broccoli, diced tomatoes, diced red and green bell peppers; lemon-herb tofu pan-fried (got the recipe from here) and some bread for nomming purposes. The bread was mid-nom when this picture was taken, my bad.

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