Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Funnies-John McCain Is Exciting

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Black Leopards

The Black Leopard (also referred to as Black Panther, or Jaguar) is so beautiful. It's coat is a gleaming dark brown with darker spots; stunning to see in the sunlight. I would love to see one in person so I'm making a list of sanctuaries that house the Black Leopard.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Amel Larrieux: For Real

Amel Larrieux is my favorite artist. Not only does she have a wonderful voice and moving lyrics and music, but she is SO NICE! Her fansite has testimonials from several people who go see her in concert and say that she takes song requests, pulls people onstage to sing with her, and always remains to chat or sign autographs, or take pictures. She also blogs personal messages about her life. She is such a positive spirit; people like that are a joy to be around. I had tickets to see her in Chicago for my birthday this year but it was cancelled unfortunately. Hopefully, I will see her soon, maybe in NYC!

I love this song. This song has the most refreshing lyrics about being in love and the pure joy that comes from that kind of happiness:
I can't smile, can't dream like a child, can't feel safe in this wide world without you.....
I can't see, can't find strength to be, rather not be me without you.

Check out some of my other favorite songs by her:
Gills and Tails
Your Eyes
We Can Be New

Some people may remember her from Groove Theory and the song Tell Me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oral Health and Close Calls

I have been a horrible dental patient (aka a dentist's best friend) regarding cleanings, check-ups, and other dental fuckery. Now I am paying the price through a procedure next Thursday which will carry me through the Independence Day weekend. They gave me a brochure. You know you're in trouble when they give you a brochure. I swear fo' Gawd I will be a model of good dental health after this procedure.

My youngest brother was in a car wreck with an 18-wheeler last night, but luckily, he does not have any injuries save for bruises, and cuts from broken glass. His car is destroyed; he was hit and pushed on the driver's side. Hopefully, I will see him in the Bahamas in August and buy him a spiked Junkanoo punch.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Setting the Bar Low

I read this blog post today on 8th grade graduations. This type of crap is ridiculous. As others have stated, why would you think, well a quarter of these poor unfortunate souls won't make it through high school, might as well give them something to celebrate! This is not an accomplishment. We did not have a graduation at my middle school; the teachers just gathered everyone (all the 8th graders) in the cafeteria on the last day and gave out rewards, and we just sat, ate, and enjoyed the last day. That is what is appropriate in my opinion, because you are basically still just a kid. Enjoy kid things! Enjoy your little punk-ass summer and then attend and complete high school! Then enjoy THAT graduation! Middle-schoolers don't need a frickin prom either! BAH!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How National Geographic Has Ruined My Life

I was watching a show on National Geographic named Animal Oddities. Here, among other featured nightmarish beasts, are a couple of the critters that have ruined my life:

The Australian Giant Beach Worm.

Just let this image marinate in your soul for a moment.

These worms only stick their heads out of the sand for food (dead fish, algae, etc.) but it can nip at your feet with it's pincers (no teeth) by mistake. I swear fo' Gawd (ghetto) if I am chillaxin (also ghetto) on a beach, accelerating skin cancer's deadly effects (yes fellow black people, we do get sunburned and have a much higher rate of mortality from skin cancer) and one of these God-forsaken muhfuggers bites me through the sand......I am really not sure what I would do. Probably just sit there and cry and reflect on life.

The Platypus.

I just know when this creature was not well researched or studied, somebody came upon one and asked some form of 'What the blue hell is this?' and somebody else said, 'I say, old chap, it's a platypus!' Then I bet the first person gave the second person the stankest side-eye in the land. Seriously, what on Buddha's green earth came together in a chemical reaction to produce something that is a bird, mammal, and reptile all at once?! AND it's venomous on top of that! This is the mother-flipper that is responsible for dinosaurs being extinct; I KNOW IT! That being said, the platypus is frickin awesome. I want a stuffed platypus---a toy stuffed platypus, not a dead one that has been subsequently stuffed.....that's horrible.

Dramatic Prairie Dog

Gawd almighty, this kills me every time.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ayo: Life Is Real

Here is my music video for Friday. I love Ayo. I love this song and video. I aspire to be a person like her, who truly does not care what others have to say about them; they have nothing to hide. I have a friend from high school who is like that; and I admire her greatly for that. I go back and forth between wanting to be private and wanting to be open; for now I will just be some sort of strange hybrid between the two. Ayo's life story is also fascinating. She was born in Germany to a Nigerian father and Romanian (gypsy) mother. She has such a light spirit and her name means Joy in Yoruba. I am a big fan!

I live my life the way I want
I got nothing to hide, nothing at all
Life is not a fairy tale
They should know is real

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chinese South Africans Are Black


Talk about shifting perspectives on race depending on where you live. Apartheid really f*cked up everything in South Africa. I need a good book on the history of Apartheid.

Happy Juneteenth!

To all my fellow Americans and especially my fellow Texans! For your viewing and reviewing pleasure, and also because I am a lazy bum, read all about Juneteenth's history and festivities here.

I will be attending a Juneteenth barbecue tonight at my dear friend's dad's house today. I am told music and much merriment will commence.

Perspective On Wealth in Africa

I was going through the archives of a blog I enjoy, and came across this post on a British man sharing his experience in Kenya and his observations on race and wealth in Africa. It makes so much sense that maybe the white person's wealth stands out more in Africa because whites are the minority there but black Africans have the highest concentration of wealth. Since they're the majority, we see more of the poor, struggling people so when compared, the view gets skewed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Racial Identity

I love articles and information about this topic. This Wall Street Journal article really delves into it.

I remember being amazed when I was younger when I found out that people ethnically of the Middle East and North Africa are considered white in the US. I also remember being fascinated with the classification of Hispanic people; how they can be any race.

Mixed race/ethnicity is such a blurred line for many people. Where do you cut it off? For instance, my paternal grandmother is ethnically Bahamian which (on this particular branch of ancestry) is biracial (black and white) with Scottish and English roots (along with the African roots). I like to acknowledge my Bahamian culture and read up on it but I would never say I was biracial or even Bahamian (blog title be damned).

For me, if another race or ethnicity debuted in your ancestry further than great-grandparent status, I wouldn't claim it. But to each his or her own. Any sociologist/anthropologist will tell you there is nothing biological about race; it is a social construct so people really should not get so hot and bothered over this issue. It is sad when I hear other black people claim they are "mixed" because they are Jamaican and Haitian (for example). People, learn the difference between race and ethnicity first. Be proud of your heritage but it does not elevate you above those who are not sure/cannot be sure of their heritage because of slavery.

*Foreign Language Swoon*

Last night, at my husband's new law student meet-n-greet-reception-gathering-thingie, we met a new student, a black female, who majored in Spanish and Chinese Studies. She was the first black student to graduate with Chinese Studies at UH (it was recently approved). She studied Chinese for a summer at the University of Beijing as well. Be still my heart! Oh, if only I could go back and change my bachelors to a foreign language or two.......but no sense in regrets; I have to move forward. I can hopefully incorporate languages into my graduate study and future career. I wonder if you achieve fluent status when you major in a language.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For Truths This Time?

I have been wanting to record my thoughts for awhile but am just way too lazy. But I keep seeing all these awesome blogs and am tired of living vicariously through them. A random comment here, reading an entire archive there.........I'm jumping in dammit!

I am a Sociology Graduate Student.
I hope to do internships and volunteer abroad during the next few summers helping out wherever I can.
I plan on learning Spanish, French, Arabic, and either Mandarin or Japanese with DEADLY EFFICIENCY!! *evil laugh*
I love poodles.
Love and travel are the ingredients to my version of a life well lived and I will be cultivating both for years to come.

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