Friday, August 14, 2009

Poodles n Tumblr n Sawngz

~Poodles have always been among the top 3 smartest dog breeds. This year it has been reported that they are the 2nd smartest breed next to Border Collies, with German Shepherds rounding out the top 3. The article also reports that many dogs have the intelligence of a 2-year old person; recognizing over 100 words and being able to do simple arithmatic. As someone who has a poodle that routinely reads the dictionary for fun, this is not exactly news to me.

Examples of the ways my soul has been weakened by having a poodle:
*He knows not to pee in the house. One night years ago, me or Crabby forgot to take him out at night. Around 5 or 6 the next morning, I dimly saw Pookie scratch the bedroom door open, and leave. He came back after a moment and stood in the doorway looking toward us. He then got back in his bed. When I woke up, I noticed he had peed on the trash can and put 2 and 2 together. He had to go so bad but didn't want to pee in a "bad" area of the apt, so he peed on the trash can. He came back and looked at us as if to say, "I hope you're ok with what I just had to do."
*One day years ago Pookie kept walking up to me and whimpering. I had no idea what he wanted, because he had already been outside and I grabbed a toy but he didn't want to play. So I forgot about it and went back to watching TV/reading. I get up and go in the kitchen and this muhfugga is laid out on his side in a roadkill position in front of his water bowl. He had been trying to tell me to refill his water bowl. This dramatic cunt of a poodle just collapsed in front of it like a dying man in front of an oasis.
*When I get up, somehow he KNOWS if I'm getting up just to get something and sit back down or if I'm about to get my shoes and leave. This is before I go in any particular direction that would give him a hint.
*If our other dog Topaz wants to go out and we're ignoring her, she'll go sit by Pookie all upset and Pookie will get up and come ask us for her.
*He knows the phrase "Go tell him, then!" If I want him to ask Crabby to take him out I'll say "Well go tell him, then!" And he'll make a funny noise and gallop off.
~I have joined Tumblr and set up a page. It's really just an excuse to have a dumping ground for my unicorn/cuntiness. I post images that inspire me and songs that are dreamy and jamming. Also lyrics and quotes that stand out to me. I've only done a few since I just started, but I'll be updating frequently. Join me! The Treasure Hunter.
~I'm looking forward to a restful weekend. I started the process for my Masters Thesis this week and that has been a HUGE relief to finally get the ball rolling. We're supposed to head to a beach this weekend so I'm greatly looking forward to that, as well as another game of Spades (I'm addicted), and a viewing of the movie District 9. To send you off for the weekend, here are a couple of sexy-chill instrumentals that I jam. I am usually not a fan of instrumentals; they really have to put me in a zone. But these two are Gem approved, so enjoy!
Florent 2AM

Cinquo Dias

6 jewels of thought:

Chanel said...

Thas cool but I don't trust smart dogs...

InnyVinny said...

I LOVE your dog! Mine were starting to get smart until I moved out. I did have them to the point where they understood "get out" without me having to yell. LOL

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

My aunt always keeps poodles in her house, and they're amazingly smart. I want a toy day. I'm going to name it Mineral or something scientific *SMILE*

karrie b. said...

i still cant handle the way he's propped on top of the dictionary tho

this instrumental sounds like a light, summer day with a pithcer of my caiparinhas and greasy talk during a game of spades.

Anonymous said...

I die slowly at this picture, It takes my spirit down so much

Spicky knows Vamonos and Let's go and Go to the room we also knows to bitch out my aunt but to only do it if I'm present and he knows to get extra greasy and over solicitous when someone is actually AFRAID of him. so as to demand their attention
he can also Identify which family members are the Begging for food gang and which ones to leave be, he also knows to sit with my grampa and keep him company

Gem said...

Chanel: Girl, smart dogs will save yo life!

Inny: What kind of dogs did you have?

BCU: LOVE the scientific dog names!

KB: How bout we didn't actually prop him up though? How bout I was studying with the dictionary on the floor as a reference, and Pookie got up on it like that? Speaking of greasy Spades talk, I cursed Crabby out for "doin stupid shit" after he reneged, costing us the game and the war against his mother and sister.

QQ: Of course Spikey knows Spanish, it's in his Dos Equis contract.

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