Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unicorn Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong

As you all know, I am mixed with unicorn. This is a source of pride for me, so it hurts to tell y'all I cried so many rainbow unicorn tears after witnessing the following unicorn tattoo tragedies. Join me, won't you?

Why is it wearing the hood of the Grim Reaper? The magic gem in the middle of it's forehead...what really kills me is how serious it looks about rocking out on the guitar. And if that wasn't enough of a guitar pick to the soul, they had to put metal at the bottom and splatter blood everywhere. I'm feeling weak...

...*grabs a counter to steady myself* I need answers. Why is it pissing a rainbow onto a cupcake, which then appears to give the cupcake almighty powers? What's with the foliage in the background? Why is all of this #1?

...It''s raping a dolphin, guys. Look at the expression on the dolphin's face. The unicorn just straight up plucked homeboy (homegirl?) out the ocean and is making the dolphin it's bitch. Why? Also, does the rainbow really need to be a backdrop to this taking of innocence?

...I can't. I just can't.

To see more, click here via here. I don't know whether to thank or fight my husband for showing me this.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pygmy Jerboa

As cute as this little Pokemon-looking creature is, if I saw homie hobbling through my hallway my first instinct will still be to reach for the nearest flamethrower (yes, I have several flamethrowers, don't you?). When my husband and I saw this, we were expecting it to attack the camera and then you would just see blood everywhere for no reason. But it didn't. What a cutie!

Pygmy Jerboas are apparently the smallest rodents in the world and are found throughout Central Asia.

Originally peeped here via my husband.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Quarter Century Milestone

Today is my 25th birthday! I'll wait while you cabbage patch, tootsie roll, butterly, booty clap, and/or stanky leg appropriately.

Done? Mm-kay. I don't feel old or young. I just feel important. I feel I am at a stage in life where things are about to start happening; where the foundation of my peak adult years will start being poured (you pour foundation right?). I see things looming on the horizon of the future and I am not afraid. I am excited.

My bloggies, here is how y'all can help me celebrate my birthday. You must do all of the following, because it's my birthday and I said so.

1.) Stop by the comment box and tell me how you found my blog and what keeps you coming back. Is there anything you want me to blog about in particular? YES, EVEN ALL YOU LURKERS, just for this one day, de-lurk and give me some feedback.

2.) Ask me anything. ANY question you want to know and I will answer it in an upcoming blog.

Can't wait to hear your responses! I'm off to bowl drunkenly and chillax. Then this weekend, I'll be headed to San Francisco to see my favorite singer perform. Have a great my birthday Memorial Day and be safe.

My 22nd birthday in 2006:

I was only 7 months natural here, look at my Chia fro!

My 23rd birthday in 2007:

My 24th birthday in 2008:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tagged! Get To Know Me

The lovely ChocolateOrchid tagged me for this meme way back when color televisions debuted and I'm jussssttt nowww getting to it. Forgive me bloggers (and lurkers)!

What's your current obsession?
Getting a handle on my academic research. I start my Masters Thesis this fall and hope to get into a doctoral program.

What's your must have fashion need?
Currently: 2 bougie outfits for my birthday
Generally: T-shirts in every color of the rainbow...the nice cotton ones.

What are you wearing right now?
Teal scoopneck modal/cotton blend T-shirt, brown dress pants. I'm at home on the couch, so all jewelry and shoes are off. Or for maximum ignant impact, AWF.

What's your favorite food?
Fried garlic tofu!

What do you do for fun?
Bowl or read.

What made today special?
Eating lunch with my husband...and fried garlic tofu.

What would you like to learn to do?
Make jewelry, learn other languages, belly dance

What's the last thing you bought?
Whataburger for my husband. - _ -

What are you listening/watching right now?
NBA draft

What's your favorite weather?
Anything unicorn-friendly. Sunny, warm, breezy, rainbows, and sparkles.

What's your one goal in life?
Always keep the big picture in mind.

What do you think of the person that tagged you?
Natural, glowing, lovely, beautimous!

If you can have a house totally paid for, what would it look like?
Spanish or Mediterranean style layout, bay windows or similar nooks to cozy up in, abundant natural light

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
Acceptance letter to doctorate program of my choice

If you can swap lives with anyone in the world for one day who would it be and why?
Amel Larrieux. To be in the midst of all that creativity and her fresh outlook on the world would be inspiring.

If you can go anywhere in the world for the next hour where would you go?
Only an hour? Harsh, dude. Way harsh. I'ma go with Jurassic Park. Nothing at all could go wrong in an hour right?

What language would you like to learn?
Spanish fluently. Arabic, French, and Japanese conversationally.

What do you look for in a friend?
Someone who rises above the sea of stupidity and judgments.

Who do you want to meet in person?
Amel Larrieux. Seriously y'all, if you've never read her "blogs" I bet at least one will inspire you or at the least make you feel like you are wherever she is experiencing what she is experiencing.

What's your favorite type of music?
Trip-hop, ambient, jazz fusion/acid jazz, soul/funk, electronic and/or any combo of those

What's your dream job?
Author/jewelry/printmaker extraordinaress

Do you admire anyone's style?
Can't think of anyone famous, but I see admirable style all the time. Peeps that can pull the vintage/bohemian look off without looking like a hipster, douche, douchette, or just plain wrong.

Describe your personal style?
Colorful. Colors make me happy. I love combining random colors. I tend to go striking with color choices for clothes and shoes, and more simple with the jewelry. Simple emerald studs, crystal earrings, rose gold wedding ring, etc. Don't wear watches. Don't wear bracelets too much anymore, but if it catches my eye I'll throw it on. I like pendants a lot.

What's your favorite t.v show?
This changes as shows go on, come off, or I take a break from watching. Currently, I'm all up in The L Word. (pause?)

What's your favorite dessert?
Something with a bunch of grapes, strawberries, and blackberries and other berries, with a little bit of sugar or vegan cream cheese.

What's your favorite makeup brand?
I like MAC, but I really don't know shat about the various makeup brands. I used to be big on eyeshadow but not so much anymore. Just lip color and maybe some smoky taupe eyeshadow. I tried to eff with eyeliner but my eyes said no, no, no. Occasionally eff with mascara. Never effed with the other stuff (foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.).

What's your all time favorite perfume?
Twas Betsey Johnson but I don't eff with perfume too much anymore. I like natural, subtle scents more now, like from L'Occitane.

What's you fondest childhood memory?
Making up all sorts of unnecessary scenarios for my multi-ethnic Barbie dolls then climbing in my canopy bed and reading.

What would you do w/a major lottery winning?
Do the stanky leg all around my office, all in my supervisor's grill. Build a home. Or just buy one with a nice view. Sit down on the floor with all my travel books and make plans. Travel. Become author/jewelry/printmaking mogul. Take care of (select) family. Rescue poodles.

If you had to pick a song for your funeral/memorial service, what would you choose?
Beyond-Amel Larrieux

1.)Respond: answer the questions on your blog.

2.)Replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own. (I replaced what is your favorite ice cream flavor with what is your favorite dessert?, and the question I added is the very last one.)

3.)Tag eight other people
Mr. Socialight
Alicia/Instant Vintage

And everyone reading!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Suggest A Song Monday-Wait Till You See Him

I'm back for serious this time! The spring semester is over and I'm free as a bird! I missed you all, and thank you so much for hanging with me and giving words of encouragement. Let's get back in the mix with Suggest A Song Monday. First, the rules:

I suggest a song that I love and that I think you would love. You listen to it. Tell me what you think in the comments. Then, you also recommend one song to me and I will listen to it and tell you what I think. You don't have to limit yourself to a particular genre, just any one song that you love.

Today, we have Wait Till You See Him by Ella Fitzgerald. This is a very soulful, jazzy remix found on the Verve Remixed album (I think the 2nd one). Sounds like a nice song to listen to whilst driving at night to somewhere bougie (lol) or a wine/movie/date night with someone wonderful. I love the smooth feel of the music along with Ella's velvety voice. Enjoy!

Here is the version from the Verve Remixed Album:

Wait Till You See Him - Ella Fitzgerald

Wait till you see him/See how he looks/Wait till you see him/Wait till you hear him laugh/Painters of paintings, writers of books/Never could tell the half/Wait till you see him/See how he looks/(Music break)/Wait till you see him/See how he looks/Wait till you see him/Wait till you hear him laugh/Wait till you feel the warmth of his glance/Pensive and sweet and wise/All of it lovely/All of it thrilling/I'll never be willing to free him/When you see him/You won't believe your eyes/You won't believe/You won't believe your eyes (repeat)/Wait till you see him/You won't believe your eyes (repeat)//

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Approaches

I'm done with all 3 classes and 1 out of 3 research papers. I received much positive feedback on my presentations of my paper subjects and had 1 very senior professor say he would love to be on my thesis committee, and another very respected professor say that the topic I did for her class may be publishable. I feel so high, academically speaking. I really think research may be my niche. Time will tell. The 2nd paper is due Friday, the 3rd paper on next Tuesday. After that, I shall be back to blogging (or blawgin if I may be a bit ignant). In the meantime, keep up with my shenanigans on Twitter ( a magical day!

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