Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike-in It Up

Last night, my husband and I hit up Target to grab some thangs to get us through Hurricane Ike. I turned down the bread aisle first........they left us nothing. Not a slice. Most of the shelves were bare. A single tear glistened on my cheek. In the soda aisle, there was hardly a soda case to be found......I did find a six pack of mini-Dr. Peppers with a mini 7-up somehow in the mix:

What hath God wrought?

I imagine people were so desperate to get soda, and someone just needed one more mini-Dr. Pepper to make it through the hurricane, so they said fuck it and exchanged the sodas and ran off.

Anyhoo, we got what we could and got out. Later that night, we went to Whataburger and saw some military men with their military trucks full of water and other things. There were lots of evacuation buses waiting on the freeway. Currently, it is cloudy and hot, but with a stiff breeze kickin' up. Galveston is already getting battered with wind and waves. I'm expecting power to go out between tonight and tomorrow but I really hope it doesn't. Tropical Storm Allison hit Houston pretty bad in 2001; I still have vivid memories of all the water and damage, so we'll see how Ike compares.

*Update: 7:15pm, the wind is starting to howl now.

10:15pm, several of my friends and family are without power.....ours is obviously still working. For the last few hours I kept hearing what sounded like a motorcycle revving up and I was getting so irritated.....just had a *duh* moment and realized it's the wind. Ike is currently 1 mph (wind speed/strength) shy of being a Category 3 hurricane. A tiny bit of rain so far.

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Fly Girl said...

Hi Tamara, I hope you're safe and well! I just wanted you to know that I tagged you as a favorite blog on farsighted fly girl, come check it out!

Eddie Munster said...

Interesting inside look at whats going on down there, I hope things get better asap for everyone

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