Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Year Has Been Too Deathy

They say death comes in threes. I hate cliches. I especially hate them when they come true. I would like to personally request (to whomever accepts such inquiries) that nobody else I know die this year. I'm being a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I am really very down.

Also, cemeteries freak me right the fuck out. I don't want to be buried to rot in the ground surrounded by a bunch of other corpses who I have no affiliation with, becoming a name on a stone amongst other stones. I wish to be cremated, and perched on my widow's mantle with a picture of me frowning appropriately. Also, no funeral but a memorial service.

I am freaked out by death, particularly sudden, unexpected deaths and terminal illness deaths (when people know approximately when they will die and plan for it like Diary of a Dying Mom). I think it hits me a lot harder than the average Joe or Jane.

4 jewels of thought:

Muze said...

yeah, death sucks.

i second your request.


The Bohemian Bahamian said...

Thank you Muze. *more hugs*

mrs. mary mack said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I think I'll add the picture on the mantle piece idea as well! I don't need some tramp coming by trying to spend his insurance money!

VSM2002 said...

You're right it has been a deathy year, We lost someone I respected in George Carlin..

I feel the same way you do about death...and I think the late George Carlin said it best in his short yet effective will....

"Upon my death, I wish to be cremated. The disposition of my ashes shall be determined by my surviving family.

I wish no public service,and no religious service of any kind.

I prefer a gathering at my home attended by friends and family, it should be extremely informal,and they should play rhythm and blues music and laugh a lot. Vague references to spirituality (secular) will be permitted.

Sounds like a great idea to me, RIP George.

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