Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghetto Twins-Responsibility

OMG, I have been waiting for this video to pop up on Youtube. I know a lot of Houstonians remember this song, but not like I do! My cousin and I knew THE WHOLE SONG and I must say, I still remember the lyrics.

Yes, the video is broke as hell and the twins are indeed ghetto, the lyrics are actually pretty good, and a positive message for young girls out there lurks underneath the sunglasses, blue lipstick, swoll-ass twins walking toward the camera, fur coats, and such.

If GB don't hustle then my kid won't eat/My kid don't eat/Then Mama won't sleep/I have no time to sit around/See what his dad gon' do/He ain't do shit from the start/What the fuck he gon' do....Now he prayin' for forgiveness cause his luck messed up and/His kid growin' up and/Don't know what's up/Responsibility, have you ever heard of it baby/I'm a strong chick and you will never worry me baby...Your baby son is growin' up/Baby mama's blowin' up/If I catch that tail, I just might leave it swoll'd up (LOL)/In this world to make a child it takes a man to raise one/Boy you just made one/Too stupid to raise one/And these youngsters think you cold, let em' know you ain't ___ but a ___/When it comes down to this real ____ (some of the song sounds better with the censor)/Responsibility he couldn't take/And that was one of the many things that made him fake/You really think you's a man/Hey busta you's a lie! (LMAO)/Strong women survive/FAKE PLAYAS DIE......fake playas die

Well if I didn't write rhymes/Where the hell I'd be?/And if I don't pay rent/Where the hell I'ma sleep/I ain't dependin' on my man cuz he ain't worth it/And if I did depend on mine I'd be a stuck out chick/I keep my eyes on my riches/Women do the same/Ain't no love in this game/Ain't a damn thing changed....I give them girls the finger who ain't bout makin' dollas (ROFL)

The first thing you must do is stay true/Dependin' on your man leave you stuck like glue.....Only thing he wanna do is screw/Lord knows that's the truth/Now your rent's past due/And your man's sayin' it's through/Who gon pay the bills, now where you live, we guess it's all on you/But you totally disagree/Now your kid's up on the street/It's all about your salary/Use your best ability and you'll see

So many things to do/So many places to be/It's my/Responsibility/Responsibility-ee

Am I ashamed for still knowing most of the lyrics? A little. But stop hating. This post is dedicated to my cousin and loving, devoted husband. :-)

3 jewels of thought:

mrs. mary mack said...

I refuse to go through anymore of your old blogs...this is un-called for and why do I know this song??!! LOL

Gem said...

ROFL! You know what's even funnier? According to my StatCounter, somebody finds my blog by searching ghetto twins or responsibility literally at least once a week. We're not alone!

Sunshyne said...

I got this on my ipod!

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