Friday, December 19, 2008

I Love the 90s Friday: BBD


I don't know anyone who won't start dancing or consider dancing when they hear the opening notes of the beat from this song. POISON! POISON! POISON! P-P-POISON! Oh sorry, got caught up in the line/lyric: The low-pro ho should be cut like an afro...lmao!

6 jewels of thought:

dejanae said...

love this song

Little Miss Nobody said...

"you'll fall in love and you'll be screaming demon wooo" LOL. I Love this song..

ChocolateOrchid said...

This was the jam! Brought back some memories!

Gem said...

dejanae: Me too! For some reason I couldn't leave comments on your blog, but I like it!

LMN: LOL, another favorite line from the song...they put their hearts in it.

CO: I know, right?!

Sparkling Flame said...

Girl I LOVE this song!!!!!

Gem said...

SF, how can you not?! Thank you for visiting; I'm on my way over to your blog!

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