Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mis-heard Song Lyrics

Go to the 20 second mark and just wait. The background lyric I hear is: "Got a New Jack SWING comin' up!" My husband hears: "So you can New Jack SWING on my nuts!"

Please somebody help me. I...I just cannot accept his version of the lyrics. I quit life at least twice already because of this. What do you hear?

*****EDITED*****So apparently my husband is right. The line is from an Ice Cube in the comments if you want to check it out. Thanks to Cheron and everyone else who corrected me. I will never live this down at home, ya'll have ruined my life!! The More You Knooooooow! *NBC rainbow music*

Other mis-heard song lyrics: TLC-Waterfalls. The chorus goes "Don't go chasin' waterfalls..." WHY did my mom think they sang: "Go, go, Jason's waterfalls..." Her: "Who is Jason?" Me: "...What?" Her: "JASON....GO, GO, JASON'S WATERFALLS?!" Me: *flatline*

Crucial Conflict-Hay. Chorus: "Smokin' on hay...HAAAAAAAY..." and so on. My friend's dad: "Circle of pain...PAAAAAAAAIN..."

What song lyrics have you mis-heard or has someone else mis-heard? Holla in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you...but that husband of yours is right...sounds like it was an Ice Cube sample..."And you can New Jack Swing on my nuts" I know my hip hop...and Crucial Conflict...being from Chicago...I'm ashamed that I went into full spewage of those lyrics off the top of the dome...

Anonymous said...

At 18 seconds...

Ice Cube "Wrong N***a to F*ck Wit"

I remember messing up the Fugees "Ready or Not"

"The Buffalo Soldier Dreadlock BUSTA'" Was supposed to be Dreadlock "RASTA"...

My then RASTA (no BS) boyfriend was painting my mothers crib and overheard me singing and corrected me with the quickness...can you say EMBARRASSED!!!!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I think that's an old Cube lyric like Cheron said.

I used to screw up Waterfalls the same way. LOL

And my friend used to screw up Prince's "I Would Die for You" by saying "Apple Dapple Do." Y

Yes, she was grown.

Gem said...

Cheron: You have ruined my life with this fact, thanks. :-)
Don't be ashamed about Crucial Conflict I still know pretty much the whole song does most of Houston.

Alicia: I will never forgive you for thinking Jason's waterfalls too. Apple Dapple Do has DESTROYED ME!

Anonymous said...

LMAO Hilarious!!

The only one I can think of is A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation" [dont feel like googling a link from youtube...yes i am being lazy lmao]

My Version: "Relax yourself girl peace to that plan"

The correct version [and Q-Tip himself said this on a show I was listening to on XM's The Rhyme [RIP to the rhyme omg my favorite channel]

Q-Tip: "Relax yourself girl please settle down"

UMMMM????!!!! I have this song on my mp3 player and i promise i keep playing it over and over trying to make it fit to Q's version but i sing my own "girl peace to that plan"

LEX$ said...

Prince- Little Red Corvette

My Mom- Do you Recollect....smh....

Terrance Trent Darby- Sign Your Name

Some girl i was in kindergarten with- Sha La

there are LYRICS in the cd's most of the time, people....READ THEM!!!

and you've ruined my life, tam tam. now i'm here in the hosptial screamin "and you can new jack SWIIING on my nuts" throughout Methodist all night. thanx.

Gem said...

thehoustongirl: I like peace to that plan more!

Lex: Do you recollect?! *dead*
My husband goes around randomly yelling New Jack SWIING on my nuts as well, so my life is pretty much over.

Resee said...

I used to think the same thing... well, actually what I heard was "Here's some New Jack Swing Comin' atcha"... my husband tried to correct me and told me that it was an Ice Cube sample, but I refused to believe... now I have to go and pick my face up off the floor and tell him the truth... I know he'll love that I was wrong for once! Lol

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