Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vegan Xmas-Now with Pics!

This semester I hadn't been able to cook very much with a full-time job and an extra-full load of graduate courses, so I was understandably a little crunk about cooking for the holidays (I had Thai noodles and french fries on Thanksgiving...yeah). So here is the very amateur yet muy delicioso vegan feast I cooked:

Clockwise from turquoise bowl:
White bean salad: Great Northern beans, red and green peppers, balsamic vinegar, olive oil (doesn't need to be heated...ChocolateOrchid, this is for you! I think this qualifies as raw, correct me if I'm wrong).
Marinated and fried tofu: Extra-firm tofu, olive oil, garlic, your choice of spices for the marinade...I used season salt, thyme, savory, basil, dill, rosemary, and some other spices.
Baked ziti: Ziti-pasta, diced tomatoes, bread crumbs, olive oil, homemade vegan alfredo sauce (soy milk, soy butter, pepper, flour) baked in the oven for about half an hour.
Corn: Just some ghetto corn in a pot, lol.
Broccoli: Nothing more to see here folks.
Not pictured: Vegan cornbread and Mr. Pibb.

My blog posts may be a little paltry for the next few days. I work at a university and it's closed from Christmas Eve until January 5 so I am RELISHING this break, doing your typical beached whale/sloth activities.

4 jewels of thought:

ChocolateOrchid said...

You worked that out! And yes, I will be trying the white bean salad. Thankyouverymuch! Your meal looks awesome! Enjoy your break!

Paul said...

Your baked ziti sounds heavenly! I will promptly be making that as soon as I return home.

Also, this is Paul from "Life as a Sociologist." I barely noticed your comment from the beginning of the month because I had been busy finishing up work. I personally don't know much about visual soc. I attempted to join the list-serv that exists, but I wasn't able to read the actual forum (or post for that matter). It's something I've been interested in looking into but probably not until this summer when I have more break time. I'd be interested in talking it over with you though. You can email me at


mrs. mary mack said...

yuumm I'd like to go vegan atleast for a short time, but my husband would probably die. Is your husband Vegan as well?

Gem said...

Mrs. Mary Mack: You can do it! There are quite a few dishes I have served without telling people they were vegan and they didn't know the difference. My husband is vegan at home, eats meat outside though. I don't cook any meat at home.

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