Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's in a (Screen) Name?

Mad props to kingsmomma for inspiring this post!

This shall be a bonding blog.

What does your screen-name mean and why did you choose it?

Share more than one, if you have multiples.

Here's mine:

Blog Title
The Gemini Life; more of me going through life as a Gemini, and how life always presents these multiple, often polar options and pathways. It used to be the Bohemian Bahamian which was paying homage to my Bahamian ancestry; then I didn't want to look like a poser or cultural usurper so I changed it to the Bohemian Bookworm (which is the URL) because the latter was my nickname in school...then I haven't had time to post book reviews like I want so it became The Gemini Life!

Blogger Name
Contrary to popular belief, Gem is not from the cartoon show Jem, though I did wake up many mornings before school to watch! Gem was picked from me being a Gemini through and through, and my lifetime obsession with gemstones. No seriously. I have books. Multiple books on gemstones. I also have a gem tattoo. I fancy myself a treasure hunter in life....hmmm...that gives me an idea....

Twitter Name
@pixiegem Welp, Gem was already taken, so I called upon my unicorn heritage and my chocolate pixie twin KB for pixiegem.

12 jewels of thought:

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

My blog title is Conjured Perceptions because everything I write about is conjured up (by me), and it's from my perception. I also like to read the opinions of others...their perceptions.

My name, Beautifully.Conjured.Up, was just something that came to me when I was typing in the info on Blogger. I like to think I was "beautifully conjured up" by the creator, so I thought it fit (vain, but true *smile*).

Kingsmomma said...

this was quick..
So my name's Kingsmomma,
pretty self explanatory,
My son's name is Kingston, I'm his mother. Kingsmother sounds really formal, Kingsmommy sounds like i shouldn't have been posting on the message boards so i chose kingsmomma.(when you get pregnant everyone calls your mama or momma) so there it is.

My blog name is the fabulous matriarch does life pays homage to my role as a mother and subtly hints towards my fabulousity. I added teh does life part b/c i'm still living and I control my fate.

Natural Hair Rules!!! said...

Blog title Natural Hair Rules!!! Double Meaning. Its not from Anthony Dickey's product line Hair Rules. But my blog is pratical tips and advice about embracing and accepting your personal natural beauty. Hints: rules, guidelines, to dos of natural hair and natural hair being an empowering, overcoming and/or dominating force

Muze said...


she's so flyy... i use the word flyy A LOT. and i hate to admit how i came up with my blog name, but it was inspired by t-pain. lmao. in the song 'i'ma flirt' he says "he's so flyyyyy, yes he's so coooool".. lmao. i ALWAYS used to sing it saying, She's so flyy. sooo when i was thinking of a blog name, it came like an epiphany. lol.

Muze... well my name has always been MzUnyque... a nickname given by a modeling group i was once a part of because 'weird book reader poet girl' was too mean (true story. lol) so it followed me online. eventually everyone shortened it to Mz... and then a friend of mine on a poetry forum said Muze was more fitting... and i loved it. so, Muze it became.

hope all is well lovelyness!

karrie b. said...

blog title: "karried away" (it used to be THE Karrie B. from when a dude named eclectik would refer to me as such). Karried Away was chosen bc it was a theme from the sex & the city movie, and my blog/persona is themed around carrie bradshaw

which brings me to my name: karrie b...we have very similar personalities. anyone who's ever watched the show and has met me in person/knows me will tell you so

twitter name is @karriedaway because i tend to get carried away, and ppl get swept right up with me!


*puts keys in ignition of blue geo*

ChocolateOrchid said...

Blogger Name: ChocolateOrchid
I should be embarrassed but when I first decided to go natural (hair), I joined a hair board and wanted a "cool" username like everyone else. After much pondering, I decided to go w/chocolate (skin hue or at least in the family of it) and orchid (because I love flowers, especially exotic ones like the orchid).

To keep it simple.
Blog Title: The same
Twitter Name: The same

PhlyyGirl said...

Let's see
Blogger Name: PhlyyGirl. I've always thought I was exceptionally fly and forward thinking and pretty much the best thing walking. It was also a play on words because I'm from Dayton and that's the birthplace of aviation, so I've always said I was born to be a Phlyy girl. I spell it with a 'PH' because my name has a PH in it.

Blog name: The Other Side of Phlyy. I work in the entertainment industry and I'm naturally outspoken and boisterous and when I started my blog I wanted to write about all the things that I didn't always show or the things that I kept to myself.

Twitter name: PhlyyPhree. I just combined me being fly with my real name and there it was. Actually, I think it's a nickname that I've had for a while, it's just the first time I've used it for something.

InnyVinny said...

Instant Vintage because I like old and new shit...and Raphael Saadiq, LOL. And InnyVinny is short for that.

So creative, huh?

mrs. mary mack said...

Blog Title: Thoughts of an ADHD Drama Queen is pretty self explanatory. Although never formally diagnosed I'm pretty sure I'd be classified as ADHD via the DSM. Drama Queen- I'm a "part time" actor who longs to be full time but know that shat is not realistic right now. LOL

Blog name and twitter name: Professionally I do not carry my husband's name. As a woman in certain business dealings "single sells" and it's easier for casting agents to remember one name rather than switching up. I pay hommage to his name on the blog and twitter by using mrs. mary mack...which is very similar to his real name. Prior to getting married I blogged under my real initials.

Qucifer said...

EVERYONE comes up with a Name for me so then

QQBeans (on twitter and certain Bank and Sex Videos sites): By my BFFF J

Barrel Of QQs: J again, he says I'm more fun than a....

Qucifer: My Boss, he is convinced Lucifer and My mom made me, rightly so

Qustopher: Pasty calls me this like Christopher (One of Spike's Names)

QQ: MY Niece, nephew, KB, friends call me this

Q: Most clients, coworkers, etc call me that (is easier than spelling my name for this asstards)

Quisque: That is what my family calls me exclusively, hilariously enough some thirsty piece called me that right off the bat, that took me off center for a second there!

Quisqueyasworld: Duh! is how I operate! LOL shit be happening to me that nobody can figure out!

Sheena said...

It's a way of describing three of my largest personality traits(political junkie, bohemian, glamor girl).

Gem said...

BCU: I've always liked yours, very unique!

kingsmomma: I like the name Kingston :-)

NHR: Hey girlie!

Muze: Wow, you have got some stories behind yours; I never would have thought! Thank you for sharing. But get out for T-pain :-)

KB: It's your turn to gas up the blue Geo.

ChocolateOrchid: Why be embarrassed? I love your user name!

Phlyy: Love the city of aviation meaning in your name. BAWSE.

InnyVinny: Actually InnyVinny IS pretty creative cause I've seen other Instant Vintage screennames (on Twitter too!) So yeah, that's kind of awesome.

MMM: I knew what was behind the blog name, but not your screenname. Thanks! Hop in the back of the blue Geo let's GOOOO!

Q: You have the most pimp name EVER. I still cackle at Qucifer though.

Sheena: Ooh, I like! On my way over to lurk.

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