Friday, July 31, 2009

Work It Out

It's high time for this pixie to get back in shape. I've been so lazy and all procrastinatory-like. But QQ and ChocolateOrchid have (whether they know it or not) inspired me to get up and DO IT! (imagine that in an extreme monster truck rally type voice) I have some bawse gym equipment in my new apartments. My main obstacle has been when I get home from work I am too tired to want to work out. I never considered early morning workouts until recently. So starting next week, I will:

-Buy a scale to track my progress
-Wake up at 5 AM to work out
-Finish by 6 AM and shower and get ready for work
-Cut out soda (except on celebratory occasions)
-Cook MORE!! (try to limit eating out to once a week, then less gradually)

I wanna work my abs area mostly, but all-over fitness and health is my goal.

To my fit, healthy, swoll, buff, beefcake bloggies out there...what exercise tips do you have?

Should I go Monday-Friday and take weekends off?
Should I go Monday, Wednesday, Friday?
What's most effective for a 1-hour work-out? Ab machine and elliptical machine? What else?
Early-morning do you manage to not be exhausted at work? What time do you go to bed?
I welcome other tips and advice in the comments.

10 jewels of thought:

Lina said...

If a flat tummy is what you desire, then cardio is your best option, then ab machines. I think it would also help if you gradually progress from 3x/week to something higher, however, work out on the weekend, cause if you don't you will have less motivation during the week to do it. And lastly, working out in the morning will knock your socks off. You will be tired for maybe an hour, two tops (depending on how hard you go) but once that wears off, you'll see your pixie power/stamina accelerate. Oh, and if you eat out a lot, don't put such heavy restrictions on not doing it, if you eat out 4x/week, then go down to 3x/week for 1/2 weeks, then down to 2, then 1...don't just try to go cold will defeat yourself before you begin. Good luck with everything.

Kingsmomma said...

If you're trying to get the abs defined then of course do the cardio for a minimum of 30 minutes and do some sb excerises but keep your heart rate up which means your intensity should stay up as well. Just remember just because you want the flatter tummy doesn't mean that you won't lose everything else...
make sure you vary your exercises so you and your body isn't bored of your routine.

have fun with it

InnyVinny said...

I'm tired just reading this...LOL

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I would say to go Mon-Fri. with the weekends off. I do it Mon.-Saturday. The best way to get your abs in shape are two things...cardio (esp. just straight running), and using an exercise ball for crunches and other exercises. Cardio is very effective because you're constantly keeping your core tight and your breathing is helping to control your ab muscles.

I run twice a day (morning and evening), and once you get into a routine, your body adjusts to it. It takes two weeks for your mind to program something after it has been doing it every day during that duration. After two weeks of morning workouts, your body won't be will actually look forward to it and find it natural. Now, in order for this to be effective, you should also stop eating past a certain hour because it takes energy to burn calories, digest the food, enzymes, etc., and this is one of the reasons why people feel tired in the morning...the body hasn't effectively rested. I would suggest not eating after 7 p.m. or 8 at the latest.

I go to bed whenever...being honest. I try to be in bed by 11:30, but being a grad student who works and is involved in other things, this can be hard at times. However, I still make time to exercise because my body is important to me.

Sorry for the long comment :)

Gem said...

Lina: HEY HONEYBUNNY! That's the main reason I'm excited about doing mornings because I think my energy/stamina will really improve. And I am eating out a LOT right now, but it's only because I'm too tired to cook (or too lazy). If I get back on the ball, I can easily cut down the eating-outage.

kingsmomma: What are 'sb' exercises? I'll remember that about the heart rate, thanks!

InnyVinny: Me too. How bout you be my stunt double for the first week?

BCU: It'll take a LOT for me to build up to running...can I start with the bike machine thingie? I'll keep the 2 week timeline and especially the eating thing in mind. That's really good advice, thank you! I'm in grad school and working too so trust me I CAN RELATE. That's why it's been so hard. But this semester I'm working on my thesis so I don't have to be in formal classes so much during the week.

karrie b. said...

iont know shit about working out in the gym...maybe can help you out. you'll never guess who i got it from tho.

i do volleyball and i used to dance but i quit both...sorta. just been lazy. good luck twinnnnnnnnn!

SpirituallyInclined said...

Read the book 'French Women Don't Get Fat!' Its for women who love to eat, hate to excersise but still want to be comfortable in their own skin. Its a great read and not like other dull "diet" books.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Yes, you can do the bike machine if running isn't for you...however, I would love it if you tried might end up loving it *smile.*

Anonymous said...

There is the word that most does me in in the Unicornii dictionary; Bawse

anywhoo try for as early as humanely possible cause im still fucking up BIG time with my bed time and unless I chug some celsius mid morning i start crashing hard, I already gave you abs links and I personally take weekends off unless I've been slacking so HAD that I need to at least put in the cardio there

also I also do an hour cardio, done by 6;30 ( I could do less but I am a fatass Carby whore) then half hour or so of legs, next day abs and abs only, next day arms

and do a BIG breakfast, add a nice shake maybe and stuff

ChocolateOrchid said...

Hey Lady! I would say go Monday-Friday w/the weekends off. Kind of tackle it like the typical work week. All new folks to working out should take it slow. 30 minutes is good to start but do increase your time gradually up to an hour. Push yourself but don't overdo it.
I love the elliptical machine because it really burns fat. However, right now my focus is working out in different cardio/toning classes. I enjoy being around people and their energy. The comraderie really does help to motivate in between grunts and such. Lol.
I prefer working out in the morning. That way, I tend to feel like I have started my day off well. Usually, I have great energy after a work out. If you're just starting off w/working out, you'll probably be a little tired but with a consistent workout regimen this should change.
Do get proper rest. You'll probably be ready to go to bed at a decent hour

Most of all, I recommend that you listen to your body. Take note of how you feel as you work out and make adjustments according to it. You may function better working out in late afternoons. And be sure to eat healthy foods.

Hope this helps.

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