Friday, June 27, 2008

Amel Larrieux: For Real

Amel Larrieux is my favorite artist. Not only does she have a wonderful voice and moving lyrics and music, but she is SO NICE! Her fansite has testimonials from several people who go see her in concert and say that she takes song requests, pulls people onstage to sing with her, and always remains to chat or sign autographs, or take pictures. She also blogs personal messages about her life. She is such a positive spirit; people like that are a joy to be around. I had tickets to see her in Chicago for my birthday this year but it was cancelled unfortunately. Hopefully, I will see her soon, maybe in NYC!

I love this song. This song has the most refreshing lyrics about being in love and the pure joy that comes from that kind of happiness:
I can't smile, can't dream like a child, can't feel safe in this wide world without you.....
I can't see, can't find strength to be, rather not be me without you.

Check out some of my other favorite songs by her:
Gills and Tails
Your Eyes
We Can Be New

Some people may remember her from Groove Theory and the song Tell Me.

2 jewels of thought:

SerenityLife said...

ooh you are a birdie! That is the term Amel uses with her fans! I love Amel Larrieux too. She is a sweetheart.

All her albums are essential!!!

Thank you for loving her in cyberspace!


Tani Joy said...

Helloooo! Love this post. I am a fellow Amel lover, and she knows this. Nice blog u have here. I will make sure to visit often. Peace,

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