Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For Truths This Time?

I have been wanting to record my thoughts for awhile but am just way too lazy. But I keep seeing all these awesome blogs and am tired of living vicariously through them. A random comment here, reading an entire archive there.........I'm jumping in dammit!

I am a Sociology Graduate Student.
I hope to do internships and volunteer abroad during the next few summers helping out wherever I can.
I plan on learning Spanish, French, Arabic, and either Mandarin or Japanese with DEADLY EFFICIENCY!! *evil laugh*
I love poodles.
Love and travel are the ingredients to my version of a life well lived and I will be cultivating both for years to come.

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laradunston said...

Hi Tamara! Thanks for dropping by Cool Travel Guide.

If you have love and travel in your life then you don't really need much else!

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