Friday, June 20, 2008

Ayo: Life Is Real

Here is my music video for Friday. I love Ayo. I love this song and video. I aspire to be a person like her, who truly does not care what others have to say about them; they have nothing to hide. I have a friend from high school who is like that; and I admire her greatly for that. I go back and forth between wanting to be private and wanting to be open; for now I will just be some sort of strange hybrid between the two. Ayo's life story is also fascinating. She was born in Germany to a Nigerian father and Romanian (gypsy) mother. She has such a light spirit and her name means Joy in Yoruba. I am a big fan!

I live my life the way I want
I got nothing to hide, nothing at all
Life is not a fairy tale
They should know is real

2 jewels of thought:

Anonymous said...

Nice song. Never heard of her.

Anonymous said...

Nigerians Rock!

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