Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feeling Blue-Black

Sade - No Ordinary Love
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I gave you all the love I got, I gave you more than I could give...gave you love/I gave you all that I had inside and you took my love, you took my love/Didn't I tell you...what I believed...did somebody say that...a love like that won't last/Didn't I give you...all that I got to...give baby//I keep cryin'...I keep tryin'...for you/There's nothing and

Down - Amel Larrieux

Down, where I'm going is down...cause you danced me around...made me too dizzy to see/Down...boy did you let me down...there's a permanent frown where my smile used to be//Down, I'm the fool of the town...someone send in the clowns...that song's about me//Down, my heart makes not a's somewhere on the ground...breaking feet

Till it Happens to You - Corinne Bailey Rae

Please don't ask me where I'm going...cause I don't I don't know...anymore/It used to feel like used to feel like May/I used to hear those violins playing our strings like a they've gone away//How come that nothing feels the same, now when I'm with you/We used to stay up all night, in the kitchen, when our love was new/Ooh love am I a fool to believe in you? Cause I don't I don't know, anymore//Nobody wants to know the truth...until their heart's broken/Don't you dare tell them what you think to do...til they get over/You can only learn these things from experience/I just wish that someone would've told me

Green Eyes - Erykah Badu

My mind says move on, my heart...lags behind/But I don't love you anymore, I'm so insecure, never knew that love did this//I can't remember the last time I felt this way...about somebody/You've done something to my mind...and I can't control it/But I don't love you anymore--yes I do, I think/Loving you is wrong//Never knew that love could hurt like this/Never thought I would but I got dissed/Makes me feel so sad and hurt inside/Feel embarrassed so I want to hide//I hope it's not too late, too late, too late, too late, too--/Feelin' insecure, love has got me sore, I don't want no more//It's too late/I'm sorry, I love you, at first it was cool/You told me you loved me too/Then you lost your love, oh then you lost your love, ah then you lost your love...wanted me to go away but I can't go/See, I can't leave, it's too late/I can't leave, it's too late/I can't leave, it's too late/I can't leave, it's too late/Just make love to me...just one more time and then you'll see/I can't believe I made a desperate plea...what's with me//Don't you wanna be strong with told me we had a family//Never knew what a friendship was...never knew how to really love/You can't be what I need you to...and I don't know why I fuck with you//I know I love will never be the same...but I can't stand these growin' pains

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