Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What A Magical Time

I truly feel like a global citizen after last night. Seeing the reactions around the world is amazing. People in the United States are often living in their own created bubble, they wonder why would other countries care who our president is?

I participated in this piece of history. I see the tears in so many people's eyes; tears that reflect so many memories and hopes and it makes me tear up in turn.

The way Obama looked when he was giving his speech last night almost gave me chills. The gravity of this, the enormity of it all seemed to register on his face. He is taking this seriously and people need to know and see this.

This beautiful family is representing our truly is amazing. What a magical time.
Visit The Black Snob for many more awesome photos of the First Family.

2 jewels of thought:

marlo said...

BB, The breath and scope of Obama during his speech last night left me speechless! The intensity, gaze, focus, and passion in his body language and words roared power and humility in immeasurable proportions. I'm absolutely moved and eternally grateful to be alive to witness this historical event. There's just no words...

Muze said...

all i can do is smile.

and smile.

and smile some more.


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