Friday, November 21, 2008

I Love the 90s Friday: Zhane

Zhane had vocal chemistry out the yin-yang. I would love to hear new material from them, but it looks like they're each doing their own thing. Here are my favorite Zhane songs.

La, La, La
La, La, La - Zhané
This is one of my all-time favorite songs. The harmonies are beautiful, especially Jean's crystal-clear singing voice.
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how many men I meet (brings me back to you)/There's something about you, something about your smile that makes me weak (brings me back to you)/When you call my name, the sound of your voice, it lifts me off my feet (brings me back to you)/If music were love, the thought of you would always make me, la, la...//You're on my mind (you're on my mind baby, constantly)/I'm in a daze (I'm in a daze so won't you rescue me)/You're in my dreams (You're haunting me, boy you're haunting me)/You're all I need


This was my favorite Zhane song for years until I heard La, La, La. I had the CD single (remember those?) when it came out. I had no idea there was a video for this song until this year. I actually hate the video. You know how it is when you imagine a video for a song and get mad when it doesn't match your vision? Yeah. I imagined floaty dresses, the entire video in black and white, by the ocean, etc....not two women dressed in their Sunday finest, randomly staying at some dusty hotel in the middle of nowhere sexin' up muscular, chocolate twins. That's not what the song is saying at all, Zhane. Epic fail.

Sending My Love

This video is so 90's. That is all.

3 jewels of thought:

karrie b. said...

awwww, "sending my love" was my jiz-oint!


Muze said...

sending my love was that dealio!!

Little Miss Nobody said...

My favorite Zhane song

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