Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Call For Self-Sterilizing Robots To Serve Fast Food

Mr. Bohemian Bookworm and I went to a Chick-Fil-A last night for fries (me) and a shake (him). There were a bunch of unprofessional young adults in the cashier area. As we were waiting at the window of the drive-thru, we observed one guy (wearing the headphone thingie) scratching his head underneath his Chick-Fil-A cap. I mean, he was scratching like there was something terribly wrong in his hair. Mind you, this is with bare hands. Another guy was drinking a milkshake. Mr. Bobo saw the hair-scratching guy dig in his ears. The girl who took our order WIPED HER FUCKING NOSE WITH HER BARE HAND AND THEN PUT OUR FRIES IN THE BAG. I, horrified, pointed this out to Mr. Bobo who then requested our money back and that we no longer wanted the food. Snot-girl asked if we were sure, and tried to give us the food and shake for free. I imagined boogers and little booglets dancing and doing a high-school musical type show on the fries. We refused. We went to Whataburger, where the cashiers are ghetto as all hell, but they respect your fuckin' food.

When I saw the one guy with the milkshake behind the counter, that made me watch them a lot more closely because if you are comfortable enough to do that (it's against the rules in many fast food restaurants and cafes) then you will probably be lax with hygeine too. This turned out to be correct. The way all of those nasty mo-fos threw hygeine out the window IN PLAIN VIEW OF HORRIFIED CUSTOMERS lets me know that they must have been doing this for a while, to be that comfortable. Mr. Bobo said he probably needed to disinfect his credit card too. I said the hair-scratching/ear-digging guy probably swiped his card betwixt his ass cheeks trying to get an itch. You best believe we will be complaining.

I hate everything.

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