Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Advertising Cannibalism

This is something that has disturbed me since childhood; just ask my mother. I hate when I see advertising that has the product being promoted by the same damn product. Case in point: James Coney Island.Why is the hot dog promoting eating a hot dog?! And why is he rubbing his hot dog tummy?! Why is he even alive?! This is sick.

Another example is the Kool-Aid man.
Why is he always so crunk about giving away his life force?! I assume if all those happy-ass kids he's always partying with (by the way, where are the parents? I am not ok with my kids randomly partying with a grown-ass ALIVE pitcher who just destroyed my home by busting through the walls.....but I digress) actually drank all the Kool-Aid inside him that he would shrivel up and start to convulse and die a horrible death of dehydration. That, I imagine, would be very traumatizing for children to see.
I also hate animal shaped food. This goes for Goldfish crackers (why is the goldfish in that link wearing sunglasses? Does it think it's cool to advertise yourself to be eaten?), Animal Crackers, smiley-face sandwiches, and so on. This may explain why I always hated seafood. Oh, and Gummi Bears and Gummi Worms? That is sick. As I come across more images, I will be updating this topic. Gross.

2 jewels of thought:

Muze said...

hahahaha. this is hilarious.

never thought of it this way.

cracking up at the image of the kool-aid pitcher dying from dehydration.


what's even more funny is how serious you are. lol.

hope all is well.

Tamara said...

Lol, THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER! I hope all is well with you too!

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