Friday, July 4, 2008

Natacha Atlas: When I Close My Eyes

I saw this video while watching my newest favorite TV show---NatGeo Music. They play music videos from around the world from about 2-5 am. This is definitely going on my world music playlist on the IPOD. How can you not groove to this? Also, the video is very dreamy.

Natacha Atlas is a world singer in the true sense of the term. She is a Belgian singer with Moroccan, Egyptian, Palestinian ancestry, and Muslim and Jewish roots, she is multilingual and her music is a very nice reflection and fusion of this. Her Wikipedia page alone makes me want to learn more about her. Here is her Myspace.

2 jewels of thought:

Anonymous said...

so beautiful and hypnotic

Aloha from Beautiful Maui

Tamara said...

Thank you for stopping by, my mysterious Hawaiian poster!

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