Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Children with Blonde Hair and Crocodile Scars

In Melanesia (also referred to as the Black South Pacific?), a sub-region of Oceania, there are black people with blonde hair. This is seen more frequently in children. Click here for an article about the blondism trait in genetics and some theories on the isolation of this occurence.

Photo Credit-John Friedlander

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I saw this interesting episode of Taboo on National Geographic about Rites of Passage. Featured were boys from Papua New Guinea who "become men" through having their skin cut thousands of times to then heal and scar over to resemble the flesh of the crocodile. The boys featured were aged 14-18 years old, and they must go through with this ritual to be considered men. One man interviewed said villagers will refer to a boy/man who has not gotten cut as a man-woman. It is said the blood from the cuts represents the bleeding out of the mother's essence, so that all that is left is manhood. Below is video from the show. If you are squeamish, then sweet, minty Jesus don't watch it. Also, NSFW.

I would love to learn more about the Oceania region of the world, so I gotsta find some good reading material.

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Hey there! This is interesting info. I'm always fascinated by things like this.

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