Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've been busy moving to my new place of residence and everything that is involved with that. Why is it that when you hang a shower curtain and liner up (especially when you're already tired at the end of the day), you feel like you really accomplished/defeated something? Or is it just me? I felt so powerful when that last hook was snapped, don't take my victory away dammit! Lol.
I also had jury duty this week. I got called to a panel and went to the Criminal building, but our case accepted a plea. I would love to go up there on a free day to see how things work and the procedures. It was so interesting to me to see lawyers walking around with their notes, defendants, crying families, and etc.
Anyhoo, without further ado, I present you with tidbits of information that caught my attention this week (For non-bloggers, click on the link where the font is a different color):

Wyclef Jean supports and promotes programs for Haiti to help the country get back on it's feet. This is so much more important than just pumping in aid. You have to put the helping opportunities in the hands of the people and have them work for themselves and each other instead of just accepting handout.
Click here for a website of an orphanage in Haiti that is taking significant strides to help children of Haiti who could not be raised by their own parents. You can donate money for food; it goes directly to the children. It also has a section for adoption.

15 African immigrants die trying to reach Spain, many of them children.

Essential information on making sure women save enough money for retirement.

Lettuce wraps. Yum, and more lettuce wrap recipes.

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