Friday, July 11, 2008

Pampers Commercial

Dudes, I told my husband that I thought this commercial was kind of racist a while ago, but I don't think he saw it at the time. Click here for the Sociological Images website's take on it. The website states some of the same issues I had with the commercial: The Western white woman is envisioning all the Asian, Black, Middle Eastern, and Latin babies she will be saving by purchasing Pampers. Just disregard all those other races/ethnicities that are just as representative as the white woman of the United States. Oh, and of course there aren't any white babies from any other poor or developing countries in need of the magical life-saving powers of Pampers-purchasing. Don't forget to show the babies and mothers the white woman will be saving in "native attire" for the most dramatic effect!

Sociological Images also brings up something else important. Why can't these companies just buy life-saving vaccines or other *insertgoodcausehere*? Why do we have to buy their junk to have a portion go toward the vaccines?

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