Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Color My World

I want to share some photos of items from my home that illustrate my love of vibrant color and patterns.

Enamel jewelry box

Asian/chinoiserie style slippers
Mexican blanket I got on my honeymoon

Patina-tile mirror

Tiffany-style table lamp (I have 2 of these and 1 floor lamp)

Indian-sari table runner

Bohemian-graphic kitchen towels

Indian throw pillows

Dining room wall panel-My favorite is the second to last one on the right; the orange-brown panel where if you look closely, you will see a peacock.

Seeing all of these items with the colors/patterns grouped together is inspiring to me. I am a visual person and just the presence of multi-colored items comforts me and enables me to dream and do good work. What do you have in your home that inspires you?

11 jewels of thought:

mrs. mary mack said...

ooohhh I like the colors, this makes me want to do a post like this. I will start working on it this evening.

Lina said...

My home is full of colorful art. Some by local artists, some posters, some that probably may have some value, regardless I love it all. I have two vintage chairs, one bright blue and the other yellow. It must be a gemini thing.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors! My favorites in my home are our two Persian Rugs. They are beautiful, and as I am wont to ignore the furniture and sprawl across the floor, rugs are important.

Little Miss Knobody said...

Wow! I'm a fan of bright colors and patterns as well. I love that mirror!

Vesper de Vil said...

My favourites are the mirror and the box!!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

My place is just interesting all over with a full bar. Inspiration enough. LOL.

Gem said...

MMM: Ooh, can't wait to see!

Lina: I would love to see pictures!

Anomie: I too love a good rug which is why I haven't bought one yet. It has to be juuust right.

Vesper: They're both from Pier 1, are they in Canada? I love the jewelry box; it's like a treasure box.

Alicia: You wino! You'll start seeing colors after a while though, I bet.

Chanel said...

gorgeous! somethings i love are fresh flowers and house plants. something about them warms my spirit

SerenityLife said...

I love love the tile mirror (2Serenity from blisslife here) ahh!

Love the vibrant colors! xoox

Gem said...

Chanel: I used to LOVE fresh cut flowers, but now I'm more into houseplants and potted flowers. They just refresh you.

Serenity: Hey sis! I'm glad you are a color-lover too.

Get Togetha said...

The most inspiring "thing" I have in my home are my vision boards and my dream books. They support me in my mission on living an inspired life. The most important "untactile" thing in my home is the unconditional love that I'm surrounded with that allows me to do what I do.

I love your lamps Gem!


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