Monday, March 9, 2009

Suggest A Song Monday-Wake Up Alone

Good morning! Welcome back to Suggest A Song Monday. Here are the rules: I suggest a song that I love and that I think you would love. You listen to it. Tell me what you think in the comments. Then, you also recommend one song to me and I will listen to it and tell you what I think. You don't have to limit yourself to a particular genre, just any one song that you love.

Today we have Wake Up Alone by Amy Winehouse. The lyrics deal with a relationship that seems to be spiraling down quickly. The lyrics convey that feeling of having the heaviness of ongoing hearbreak and trying to do all you can not to think about it during the day; but at night the loneliness and emptiness wash over you; the lyrics are very creative and moving. The music and melody has that kind of 50's lounge, diner-esque feel.

Wake Up Alone - Amy Winehouse

It's ok in the day, I'm stayin' busy/Tied up enough so I don't have to wonder where is he/Got so sick of cryin'/So just lately/When I catch myself, I do a 180/I stay up, clean the house/At least I'm not drinkin'/Run around just so I don't have to think about thinkin'/That silent sense of content/That everyone gets/Just disappears, soon as the sun sets/(chorus) His face in my dreams seizes my guts/He floods me with dread/Soaked to the soul/He swims in my eyes by the bed/Pour myself over him/Moon spillin' in/And I wake up alone//If I was my heart, I'd rather be restless/Second I stop, the sleep catches up and I'm breathless/Cause this ache in my chest/Cause my day is done now/The dark covers me, and I can't run now/My blood runnin' cold, I stand before him/It's all I can do to assure him/When he comes to me, I drip for him tonight/Drowned in me, we bathe under blue light/Chorus

11 jewels of thought:

Lina said...

I love the troubled soul that is Amy Winehouse. A song that I am really really loving is India Arie's version of the Sade classic, Pearls.

mrs. mary mack said...

I love thats ong but everytime I hear it, it reminds me of this chick I'm no longer friends with because she was tone deaf and used to sing it all the time. LOL

I suggest Down Here in Hell by Van Hunt. You've probably already heard it but if not, this song perfectly describes those of us who seem to be "troubled" when everything's sweet in a relationship...I'd rather fight so we can make up and have something more to fight for.

"What would I do if we were perfect, where would I go for dissapointment, love without pain would leave me wondering why I stayed..."

Jamaican Bella Donna said...

That was pretty :)
You should listen to Blue Foundation's "Eyes on Fire"
They are a group from Denmark, I guess you would call them rock, alternative, something..... Anyway, the song is so haunting, it's kind of dark, but I love it.

Craigjc said...

Just passing by. Love the blog, btw.

Gem said...

Lina: I didn't even know India Arie covered Pearls...interesting!

MMM: I love that Van Hunt song!

JBD: Ooh! I will definitely listen to that ASAP.

CraigJC: Thank you. You didn't suggest a song!! :-(

karrie b. said...

i HEART this amy song!

im here to suggest "day dreamer" by adele. it reminds me of my dad. iono whyyy.


karrie b. said...

@ mrsmarymack: down here in hell (with you) is 1 of my fav van hunt songs.

p.s. yall stank

TKB said...

I know I'm a day late for suggest a song Monday, but here you go anyway - Mondo Grosso - Star Suite (Shelter Vocal Mix). The skies have been gray for about a week in Detroit and although I would normally enjoy Amy Winehouse and Adele, I needed some sunshine

Gem said...

KB: I will listen to the song and then ask more about your dad. P.S. Why you callin' us stank?!

TKB: Thank you for visiting! I like Mondo Grosso but I haven't heard this song. I will listen ASAP.

Vesper de Vil said...

Nantes by Beirut!

Gem said...

Listened to all the songs!
Lina: I was pleasantly surprised by India.Arie's version of Pearls; she really shook up the melody.

MrsMaryMack: I had already heard this Van Hunt song; but I hadn't seen the video. Sexy!

JamaicanBellaDonna: It is a little dark; I love that genre of music.

Karrie b.:I like this Adele song! Now I'm curious as to why it reminds you of your dad...nice lyrics.

TKB: There were a bunch of Star Suites! I listened to II and III, very nice music; would love to unwind on a Friday with that playing.

Vesper: I really liked this song, and added it to my Pandora custom station. I visualized mountains and ocean; kind of like that art photo you posted a while back.

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