Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st of the Month Book Discussion: Jurassic Park

I figured I should start living up to the 'bookworm' part of my blog title, lol. I am a heavy reader, but have just been too lazy to post about books I read/have read. I will try to make this a montly thing but it depends on my classes for the Spring semester and how they go. I am going to begin with a favorite book of mine from childhood; Jurassic Park. This book is like comfort food to me for some reason and it has remained a timeless classic. If you do not want to be spoiled on the plot or any details, please scroll past the rest of the post.

For those who are thinking of the movie; this book is nothing like it. The cheesiness, corniness, and kid-friendly-ness of the film is not replicated from the novel. It had to be watered down heavily to make it more palateable to the family masses I suppose.
Anyhoo, Jurassic Park is a science-fiction/thriller novel about an island where genetic experimenting has brought dinosaurs to life in a zoo-like theme park. Archaeologists, mathematicians, lawyers, and other relevant people visit to get a preview of the park and to verify accuracy and mention any safety concerns (besides the obvious safety concern of FRICKIN' DINOSAURS BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE!). As Ian, the mathematician mentions frequently in the book, chaos is inevitable; what can go wrong will go wrong.

The magical thing about this novel is its darkness. It is a very dark, chilling, creepy thriller. Included in the novel is anthropology, archaeology, medical facts, history, geography, biology, mathematics (chaos theory), and psychology. Crichton is a master of suspense and most importantly, detail. Authors who can vividly paint a picture with words and put you into the story are heroes of mine. If you are into any of the subjects I just mentioned, you will love this book.

If anyone has read this, be sure to de-lurk and put your favorite parts from the book in the comments! One of my favorite parts is when the velociraptors are stalking a group of the visitors and have them trapped in a room and are attempting to come through a window in the ceiling...the window has steel bars that are usually electrified but electricity has failed and they are chewing through the bars. Another favorite part is when one of the archaeologists is with the 2 children (by the way, in the book the girl is younger and very obnoxious and the boy is older and quite intelligent) and they are trying to evade the dilophosaurs (spitting venomous dinosaurs) and the T-rex.

2 jewels of thought:

ChocolateOrchid said...

You are really makin' me wanna go get that book! I'm already in a bookclub on top of personal reads but I may have to get this one. I do like me some sci-fi/fantasy/sometimes horror-thriller stuff! And I did enjoy this movie.

Gem said...

CO: If you get any spare reading time, definitely check it out! I still love it after so many years.

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