Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today's Colors: Gold and Purple

This is one of my favorite color combos. Yellow and purple are classic complementary colors (the other pairs are blue-orange, and red-green). I feel all royal today, lol. I love the warmth of the yellow and gold paired with the quirkiness of purple. These colors together catch your eye and warms up everything. For my previous Today's Colors post, click on the label below.

Goldenrod-yellow top, purple scarf, purple and gold bangle bracelet, khaki slacks, purple and plum flats (you can see them in the 2nd pic; I'm sitting on my foot again).

Yellow-Purple - by Bohemian Bookworm on

4 jewels of thought:

Anonymous said...

Crown Royal On Ice! lol, cool

zombietron said...

I'm going to need that scarf immediately, thank you.
Gold and purple are definitely up there as probably my second favourite colour combo.
Right after purple and green!

Life in the Philippines said...

i never thought of gold and purple together. will try it one of these days:)

Gem said...

Marlo: I didn't even think of that, lol!

Zombietron: It was made in India; I got it at this import store. Maybe you could photoshop it onto a pic of yours?

Life in the P: Do try it. You'll feel important all day, lol.

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