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One of my greatest goals is to see the world, like many people. I have many wonders that I want to see. I have a fascination with the different colored beaches that exist, and want to set foot upon one in each color. We all know about the white and tan sandy beaches, but I want to share with you the magic of the lesser-known colored beaches. Join me, won't you?

Black sand beaches

These are found throughout Hawaii's Big Island. When I visit Hawaii, this is the island I want to experience first. It is not as touristy as some of the other islands, and many hotels do not have TV, phone, or internet. It's just you, your hammock, and nature. The black sand was created by the volcanic activity on the island; when the lava meets/met with the ocean. Black sand beaches are also found in Santorini, Greece.
Pink sand beaches

These are found in the Bahamas, specifically Harbour Island. I hope the next reuinion I go to in 2012 I can visit more of the outer islands, and Harbour Island is on that list. The pink sand is a result of the color of the shells of a microscopic creature. Check out these lovely pink sand beaches in Barbuda that Farsighted Fly Girl posted about. Pink sand beaches are also found in Bermuda.

Red sand beaches

This is found in Hawaii; Maui specifically. It's secluded and not really meant for swimming. Word on the street is nude sunbathers often visit here. Look at the gorgeous contrast with the ocean; I love it! There is also a gorgeous red-sand beach surrounded by breathtaking cliffs in Santorini, Greece.

Green sand beach

Another Hawaii beach--I am so wanting to do an island-hopping spree--this one is also on the Big Island. The sand gets its coloring from olivine crystals. This beach is supposedly difficult to access; a lot of hiking involved etc. If you have an adventurous spirit, this will be worth it. There are only two green sand beaches in the world--here and in Guam.

8 jewels of thought:

Doc Brown said...

I love beaches of all colors!

mmmm mmm mmm sexy,hot, asss beaches!!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Thanks for sharing! You just took me on a visual vacation.

Gorgeous pic's!

mrs. mary mack said...

Wow I need a vacatio near the water's so cold right now.

Desiree said...

How beautiful! I didn't even know pink sand existed! Lovely lovely!

Anonymous said...

I'm honored to have experienced the black sand beaches of Hawaii on 3 occasions... and I'm speechless. Staring a volcano (Diamond Head) in the eyes from Waikiki Beach is also a weird other-worldly rush. You'll absolutely love it...

Gem said...

DB: That's enough out of you.

CO: Glad to visually transport you there!

MMM: I know, I can't stand the weather right now. I want to fight it.

Desiree: I know, it's amazing!

Marlo: Pleeeease tell me you have pictures!

Sheena said...

Gem, when you say "Reunion" in the Bahamas, do you mean family reunion?
If so, from what family?

Gem said...

Sheena: Yes, family reunion. My paternal grandmother is Bahamian so every 2 years there's a reunion in Miami and every 4 years there's a reunion in Nassau. I blogged about it on here...hmm...maybe search for Bahamas in the search engine? It was posted in August 2008.

Thank you for reading!

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