Friday, January 16, 2009

What Are Your Vegetables Doing When You Look Away?

I hope everyone has a wonderful (hopefully holiday) MLK weekend, prepare to watch Inauguration events, eat well and (attempt to) eat healthy. I don't know about ya'll, but my vegetables are chaste, modest, and moral. Marlo from The Red Pill Pixel has pre-emptively destroyed any hope I had for this weekend with the following picture from a restaurant he had eaten in:

The only other thing I need answered is, are the vegetables themselves hoes? Does a ho bring your vegetable plate to you? Either way, you can plan on having ho fun for only $7.95. Visit Marlo for wonderful photography and his perspective on life.

3 jewels of thought:

Anonymous said...

I responded by saying: GEM!!!!! I absolutely died when I read this sign...actually we all died and just stood there in disbelief! It's so funny how just that simple cultural difference can take on a whole new spin to someone else! I was like, "I'll have two orders of the 'Vegetable Ho Fun' please and make it snappy!!" ok ok I promise I didn't order any... but wow! I'm happy I could assist in the pre-ruining of your weekend, and don't forget to order some good ol' Ho Fun to celebrate the inauguration! LOL

Also, thank you so much for the incredible shout out! you're great!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! That's too funny! Especially since I am working towards becoming a vegetarian (again). Guess it will be some fun eating for someone!

Gem said...

Marlo: You're very welcome, but all thanks go to you for that picture!

SS: Let me know if you need any vegetarian resources! I've been eating pretty much vegan for 2 years.

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