Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President, New America

How lovely and wonderful was yesterday? It was such an awesome moment to see all the people there to witness the swearing-in in person, and even to think of the millions who tried to catch the live feed on the internet at work (like me). I work at a university so it was nice seeing all the students standing up for the national anthem and just enjoying the moment. Also, seeing the faces of some of the older folks in the crowd and what this moment meant to them; I could almost feel what they were feeling. I am really excited about my country's future.

In natural hair news, did ya'll know Michelle Obama and her daughters are natural? They get presses instead of relaxers. I think this is just icing on the cake of being role models for black beauty in our country. I hope this inspires that certain number of women out there who want to go natural but still want the option of straight hair. Believe it or not, this option (though I don't personally recommend straightening hair) is healthier for your natural tresses than putting the harsh chemicals of the relaxer in your hair year after year. Look at how many of our older women either wear wigs or have thin, brittle hair. *steps off soapbox*

Michelle Obama was a goddess at the balls last night. That dress was beautiful on her. Again, I cannot stress how hopeful I am about this country's future (that was a complete non-sequitur, but just roll with it).

6 jewels of thought:

mrs. mary mack said...

I love the Obama's! Michelle was flawless last night and so was Jill Biden. Two hot women in the White House...that's so serious!

ChocolateOrchid said...

I feel ya! I'm still floating!
And I'm happy to hear that our First Lady and her cutey pies are "natural" heads!

Little Miss Knobody said...

Everyone looked beautiful last night! Yeah, I'm curly and I've been thinking about going straight. I hear that pressing is much better for your hair but I had that done once when i was little...bad memories!

Desiree said...

I watched it in the lobby at work and I had goosebumps everywhere! I must have read his speech five times - I'm so hopeful and proud of our country!

Chanel said...

I wasn't sure if Michelle was natural or not!! So happy to hear she is :)

Gem said...

MMM: You are right, Jill was looking hot too! I love when somebody wears red in just the right way.

CO: Me too, me too, me too!!

LMK: Keep in mind that we have many more resources for taking care of natural hair than back in the day growing up. You have options now, girlie!

D: I'm waiting til the end of the work-week to get good and comfy and read the text of his speech. I am so looking forward to it!

Chanel! You're back! I also am thrilled to hear of the natural-ness.

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