Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love the 90s Friday: Pretty Brown Eyes

Mint Condition - Breaking my heart
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Another classic case study in 90's fashion/music. The vests. The high-waist belted jeans. That hair (lawd, that hair). The cuntiness of the men (especially dude eating the apple at the 40-second mark). The zesty, raw emotion (the look given at the 2:02 mark). Once again, these 90s videos have ruined my life. I still like the song though :-)

7 jewels of thought:

Little Miss Knobody said...

Yeah Gem...but they were kinda fly for back in that time.. No? LOL! I love this song soooo much! Mint Condition is still so awesome!

Desiree said...

I like the remix of this song, especially the 'pounding with desire' line. It gets all stretched out to p-p-p-poundang-yay-yay-yang!!

Good song, Happy Friday!

ChocolateOrchid said...

I still love this song. And I'm still feelin' me some Mint Condition music.

Gem said...

LMK: I actually love that this was considered so fly back in the day, but dudes now are not down with that.

Desiree: LOLOLOL! I don't think I've heard the remix but I have to listen now just to hear that part.

CO: I still love this song too; it's so catchy. I also love how most people I know (including me) refer to it as Pretty Brown Eyes instead of Breaking My Heart. It fits more.

Fly Girl said...

I love Mint Condition to but the fly 90s style, not so much! I've been cringing at all of the 80s fashion showing up again but this helps me remember the 90s weren't so great for fashion either!

De Here said...

that was the jam and 90's videos were the Silk and Keith Sweat video for "Happy Days" god it's pure comedy...matter of fact *goes to post on his blog*

augusta said...

love this song!

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