Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Observations

1. On my way to meet a friend for lunch, I saw (while driving) what appeared to be a small dog on a sidewalk. Since I love dogs, I tried to catch a closer look at it while I passed by. Upon closer inspection, it was a bird. A freakin bird. Like, a bird of prey. Like, a falcon, hawk, condor, phoenix, pterodactyl type bird. It was standing on the sidewalk (I think it was trying to eat something) looking at traffic. This was on a busy street surrounded by expensive condos. Freaked me right the hell out.

2. In the checkout line at Target, the woman behind me had a giraffe tattoo on her chest. Imagine someone drawing a giraffe on a sheet of paper. Think of how long the neck is. She had on a v-neck shirt, and the giraffe's head was high on her chest, and the long neck extended down under her shirt. That thing was drawn to scale like a muhfugga. It was actually kind of awesome. Definitely the most random tattoo I have ever seen.

3. I went to see The Reader last night. My husband and I are often the token black people in the movies we go see, this movie was no exception. The Reader was in a small theater. The audience was mostly 40 years and older white people. Everyone lined up in an orderly fashion (there was no need to) and waited until the cleaning people left and filed orderly through the doors. It was very interesting. Most movies with a younger audience (that was not a huge blockbuster film) would not see this same decorum.

I ended up sitting next to this elderly couple who said pretty much every thought that came to mind while watching the movie. Examples:

*Pile of shoes appear on the screen. Elderly lady: "Oh, shoes..."
*Picture is placed on a wall. Elderly lady: "Is that (main character) in the picture?"
*Building appears on screen. Elderly man: "What is that?" Elderly woman: "Oh, that's the church. I wonder if it's the same one from earlier."
*Random scene. Elderly woman: "Burps...mmm." (She did this at least twice. I was beyond horrified).
*Other scene. Elderly woman: "Is she going to climb that? Oh, no..."

I have never wanted to murk an elderly person or persons like I wanted to murk this couple. I wanted to load them onto a catapult and launch them into a screening of Notorious.

4. I planned my monthly vegan menu and just cooked a very satisfying dinner tonight. Linguine with sauteed green and red peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli; and sauteed lemon-herb tofu. Yummers!

8 jewels of thought:

Get Togetha said...

How was Notorius sans the elderly chattering? I figured I would catch that on the back end of NetFlix.

People will tatt anything so I'm not surprised. She likes giraffe's...

And talk about crazy animal spottings...I'm walking on 110th Street in Harlem/Central Park West and I see what I believe to be the world's biggest raccoon just cold chillin in front of a building. I'm rubbing my eyes to see if I'm seeing what other people are not reacting too...

I'm telling you Gem...that raccoon was about the size of a full laundry bag. Tuns out that raccoons live in the Park. And the neighbors are just used to them.

Thanks for sharing your weekend with GT...

Gem said...

GT: We saw The Reader. I wanted to teleport the elderly chatters to Notorious, lol.

LOL about the raccoon! That is crazy! I would have had to document that on my cell camera. A laundry-bag sized raccoon?! *faints*

ChocolateOrchid said...

Damn, I wonder how long that tattoo took to do?...
3. Girl, you know how it goes.

And I'm still lmao at your play by play of the elderly couple. lol

4. You plan your meals by month? Wow! Are you a super organized person or is that how you do your grocery shopping?..I may need to take note and give it a try.

Chanel said...

Over the summer I saw vultures on the sidewalk!!! VULTURES! there were like 3 of them eating some road kill i think. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. I mean, vultures in the middle of a suburban town. Right next to an elementary school!!

LMAO about the elderly couple. It's funny seeing movies with a bunch of rowdy black people. They're always yelling at the screen, or their kids. fun times

How long have you been vegan?

Gem said...

CO: I am still mad at that couple, lol. I gather all my recipes together, then rotate them over a month. Then I separate them into weekly shopping lists. This way, I always have the ingredients I need onhand and won't be tempted to go get fries from Whataburger instead of cooking, lol.

Chanel: Vultures?! *shudder* I bet that was crazy. I would have sat down and cried right there. I have been vegan 2 years almost (this March).

ChocolateOrchid said...

Damn! I'm most definitely taking notes on your grocery shopping by recipe method. I gotta give that a try! Thanks for sharing!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

"I have never wanted to murk an elderly person or persons like I wanted to murk this couple. I wanted to load them onto a catapult and launch them into a screening of Notorious."


Gem said...

Lol, InnyVinny for real though.

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