Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Things About Me

Lex has tagged me for a meme (albeit on Facebook) so I am obliging. Here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals. At the end, tag 25 other folks (I'm going to pretend I didn't read that).

1. I hate (and have always hated) brown sweet stuff for some reason. This includes chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel.

2. In 1st grade, I once told a classmate that he would die before me because he was older than me. His mother (a teacher) overheard me and got really angry and told me that I might die first. I still think it's funny that she let a 1st-grader get her so angry when I thought I was just stating the facts.

3. In 4th grade, I was helping my teacher put chairs on top of the desks (along with a few other teacher's pets). Everyone was joking around saying, we're gonna murder these chairs and stuff like that. I chimed in with, yeah we're gonna RAPE these chairs! (At the time, I thought rape was a synonym for murder). A shocked silence fell over the classroom as the teacher said, we don't say those kinds of things here.

4. I bring my own all-natural, peppermint/tea-tree oil liquid hand soap to the restroom at work. Public restroom soap is so stank.

5. I played the cello in 4th grade, and wish that I had kept it up.

6. I skipped 2nd grade.

7. My birthday is on Memorial Day this year.

8. Don't get in my way over french fries. There will be blood.

9. I think my "lost career paths" were veterinarian, geneticist, painter, counselor, and writer.

10. As a toddler, I was always seen with a strawberry milkshake or Cherry Coke and would get really salty if I wanted one and it wasn't there.

11. I have three tattoos.

12. I do not like being embarrassed and will do anything to avoid it. Thus, I am a master at playing it off (it being tripping, falling, whatever).

13. I hate pickles, onions, and mushrooms.

14. At a meal, I have a tendency to eat everything first, and then drink afterward instead of eating and drinking together.

15. I like cheeks. When I hug loved ones, I always try to get a little cheek action. (Not butt cheeks, people).

16. I hate movie theaters on crowded nights. I feel trapped and I just want to stretch out but can't.

17. Since I began eating vegan, I don't have much of a sweet tooth anymore. I am satisfied with some strawberry-banana applesauce or a strawberry fruit popsicle. I don't really like candy anymore.

18. I LOVE when people have game nights. I get really competitive and try and repress it around people I don't know too well. But trivia games, video games, bowling, pool, whatever; I love it and will be guaranteed a fun night.

19. I have always been TERRIFIED that a home I live in will catch fire. All those episodes of Rescue 911 (remember that show?) have ruined my life.

20. I can imitate people rather well.

21. I hate getting my hands dirty/greasy, so when eating something that doesn't require utensils, I will only use the thumb and index finger on both hands (occasionally the middle fingers) to make for minimum wipe-offage/rinse-age.

22. I have an affinity for old folklore and mythical creatures like mermaids.

23. I have never seen Waiting to Exhale (black woman card revoked) or Titanic (human card revoked).

24. I have a potent death-stare.

25. If I point at something/someone, I often use my pinky instead of my index finger because I am self-conscious about my long fingers (I was also teased mercilessly growing up for my big feet relative to my height).

Ok, I'll be damned if I tag 25 people seeing how this isn't Facebook. I am tagging Desiree, Vesper, Little Miss Knobody, Marlo, Doc Brown, Chanel, Chocolate Orchid, and anyone else who hasn't done a similar meme. Get to it!

14 jewels of thought:

ChocolateOrchid said...

Okay. Okay. This may be a silly question but I've never responded to these via "blogging" before. Do I post my response on my blog or what?... Seriously.

Gem said...

Yes, post your response on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to get on it sometime today!

Little Miss Knobody said...

I love game night too!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing! I learned a lot. I could comment on each one of your 25, but i'd be writing forever!! I'll get on mine today too :) Fun!

Gem said...

Chocolate Orchid, Vesper, LMN: You mean to tell me not nan one of ya'll had any comments on my 25 items?! They were interesting to me, lol.

Marlo: I'd love to hear your comments about my items, lol!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Honey, I thought I had posted my response. Must've clicked the wrong button. My bad.
4. I wanna know if you purchased this mix or if it's your own. If it's your own, please share the recipe.

11. What tattoos do you have? I'm torn between a lotus flower and tiger.

23. And yes, your black woman card has been temporarily suspended. Reinstatement is pending your viewing of Waiting to Exhale.


Gem said...

4. I purchase the soap at Whole Foods. It's by Nature's Gate, who also makes the conditioner I use. I probably will end up making my own soap one day.
11. I have a gem on my lower back (gemini and my love for gemstones), a tiny heart on my right shoulder (sort of like wearing your heart on your sleeve), and a small black cat/panther on my lower stomach.
23. Aw man! I will view it soon. I need my card!

Desiree said...

18. We have Cranium and we are unstoppable! I'm competitive too :-)

I'm not the greatest at the random memes, so I'm totally going to bite off what you wrote. I'm lazy, what can I say...

Gem said...

I love Cranium too! I just played it a few weeks ago. That plus liquored up players made for a fun night.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Ok, so I totally forgot about Rescue 911 until you just mentioned it...and oddly enough, I think some part of my house will be blown up...don't ask. I have NO idea why.

augusta said...

14. i though i was the only one who did, drinking and eating at the same time gets me full to quick.

19.yeah i remeber rescue 911, and the theme song.

Gem said...

InnyVinny: Lol, I'm glad I'm not alone.

Augusta: Yeah, same here I want to enjoy all my food! Of course, this means I usually don't finish my drink because I'm full, lol. Also, you're one up on me; I don't remember the theme song but I used to watch that show faithfully. All the accidents that can happen in the home...that show has scarred me for life.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is not my fault I promise, ask you shall receive, LMAO

1. Wow, this is interesting because I love chocolate. Especially on raisins, kit kats, twix, snickers, and chunky’s, and OMG! A cinnabun… those should be one of the deadly sins; but I definitely understand the visual you must have when you think of brown sweet stuff, lol.

2. The innocence of a child is so pure, and your statement was definitely an honest statement, and also there was just a touch of vengeance in there too, but just on the typical evil child level…not harmful; but the adult on the other hand…wow! Straight to hell  ha

3. Wow, more pure childhood innocence at work! It reminds me of the time when I was in the grocery store and my 3 year old daughter at the time, asks me out loud while we were checking out and several people were around, “Papa, what’s a vagina?!” …you should have seen the look on my face!! LOL

4.Now that’s called au-natural in the workplace at it’s best! But I do happen to like the Dr. Bronners pure castile peppermint soap, but it can burn the hell outta parts in the wrong quantity.

5.I so understand this one. I wish I had kept up the viola, and the piano

6.Wow, how did that happen…was it based on being gifted, or a Freudian slip of some kind?


8.Then we’re talking two dead folks of color.

9.Let’s call that ‘vetercistpainselorter’ pronounced = vetainter, everything else is silent. LOL

10. hmmm

11. Getting anymore or have you tapped the mat? Maybe a strawberry and a cherry next?

12.That’s funny

13.Awe, I love claussen pickles

14.I do the exact same. I started doing that in ’95 when I went die-hard veg

15.Cheeks are the best. The ones on the face are ok too.

16.Opening nights are the worst, they can keep um. I prefer obscure weekday afternoons or nights.

17.Wow, that’s great!

18.I’ve been invited to sooo many game nights, and I rarely show up! When I do, I go all out with participation…straight nuts... I shock myself actually!


20.OMG! I have a co-worker that kills me with his Dr. Phil impersonation! You would not believe… it’s the best!

21.I actually like getting my hands dirty, especially being over indulgent in some great food or a good mud slinging activity, then the feeling of them clean afterwards is next to Godliness.

22.I feel you on this one. I have a serious fascination with English folklore and enchanted forests.

23.Me neither, and I’ve never had my black woman card either.


25.Whew I made it!! And you have an obscure pointing situation 

26.oh wait….i went too far this time.

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