Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ten Time

Another meme that has been floating around; Muze inspired me to do this one. Since this one is so long, I am tagging everyone who wants to do it instead of specific peeps. Here we go! *dramatic Who Wants to be a Millionaire music*

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people:

*Please just shut up and leave me alone. Your personality is driving me insane and everyone else shares this thought.
*I love you and your family, but it is a chore to maintain our friendship.
*I wish we had a little more in common; we would be much better friends that way.
*I wish we could hang out more but I fear you would find me boring.
*I think you are a bitter person who hides behind religion to get through your life.
*I have nothing but contempt and pity for you and the way you have lived your life and have affected the people in your life.
*I wish we could have been better friends.
*I am uncomfortable with the way your family is treating this incident, but that's how it goes I guess.
*I am so grateful for the way you have supported me without throwing it in my face.
*I seek your approval.

9 things about yourself:

*I have really big/long hands/fingers and feet in proportion to my body...damn Bahamian ancestry.
*I never got chicken pox.
*I am glad I eat vegan now because I have always been a picky eater and now I have an excuse for turning down food at other people's homes...I hated when people would call attention to that.
*I hate chocolate...even the smell of it...barf.
*I am reeeeealllllly passive-aggressive, trying to change that.
*I have minor internal panic attacks about my career path but I try not to focus anymore because regretting what I did or did not pursue will get me nowhere.
*I am a huge daydreamer...blame my Gemini sign and only-childness, lol. I mean a daydreamer who will imagine all sorts of scenarios and play them out in detail from the mundane to the most absurd.
*I am constantly told I have good handwriting for a left-handed person.
*I have never had the flu...I don't even get colds or other normal illnesses. Instead the most random illnesses/injuries happen to me. Tonsil abscess, anyone?

8 ways to win your heart:

*Possess intelligence and curiosity about the world.
*Understand and exhibit the different nuances of humor, from subtle to extreme.
*Be honest (and keep your word).
*Love animals.
*See the big picture.
*Exude confidence without being stank/arrogant/uppity.
*Fight fairly.
*Be open about culture.

7 things that cross your mind often:

*Will we make it? If not, how long do we have?
*My graduate degree
*My career path
*My lost artistic potential
*Finding meaning in life

6 things you do before you go to sleep:

*Take dogs out
*Brush my teeth
*Braid my hair
*Stare into my closet
*Check alarm

5 people you couldn't live without:

*The Mr.
*Certain friends...that can round out the 5, lol.

4 things you're wearing right now:

*Glasses (soon, Lasik...soon my pet)
*Ponytail holder
*Indian scarf
*Blue flats

3 songs that fit your life perfectly:

*Didn't Cha Know-Erykah Badu
*My Torture-Esthero

2 things you want to do before you die:

*Visit every continent

1 confession:

*I assume people are more intelligent/have more common sense than they actually do and get extremely irritated when they don't measure up.

6 jewels of thought:

Get Togetha said...

Happy New Year Doll.

I loved reading your post.. and yes SlumDog was a great film....

And thanks as always for stopping by Get Togetha!



Brothers Blog said...

i Never get sick either maybe once or 2xs a year.

And I didn't know day dreaming was a gemini trait. lol.

Gem said...

GT: Thank you and you're welcome!

BB: Regular daydreaming isn't a Gemini trait but the kind that I do is, lol...we're air signs dammit!

mrs. mary mack said...

"I think you are a bitter person who hides behind religion to get through your life." I can apply this feeling to multiple people in my life!

I saw muze's post like this but I can relate to your so much more! Your #1 confession, should be mine as well. I've been meaning to do this, I think I will today!

Gem said...

I can apply the religion one to multiple people too, but one person sticks out the most. I'm glad I'm not alone on the #1 confessin. I can't wait to see yours!

Desiree said...

I like this one!

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