Monday, January 26, 2009

Natural Hair Inspirations

If you are natural (or are considering going natural) and have any questions for me, visit my Fotki here. I have been natural for over 3 years now (October 2005) and I love helping other women discover their own roots. I have collected images of my favorite natural-haired women in the spotlight; I have also made a slideshow out of these images that you can view on my sidebar. I will update as I come across more images. So far I have (in no particular rank/order):

1. YaYa Dacosta
2. Wakeema Hollis
3. Sabina Karlsson
4. Nik Pace
5. Lorna Simpson and daughter Zora
6. Kelis
7. Amel Larrieux

Also, for those who want to be natural but also want the option of staight hair, look no further than our current First Lady and daughters! If they can be natural, so can you! Be inspired.

11 jewels of thought:

Laquita said...

Very nice post :o)

ChocolateOrchid said...

Cool pics! Definitely inspirational!

Chanel said...

Today I was buying some headbands at Ulta and the woman checking me out was a young black woman with a short hair cut and relaxer. My hair is braided in a bunch of small braids all over my head and she asked if my hair was curly. I told how I had cut off all of my relaxer almost a month ago and she was so inspired! She was like, maybe I'll do that! Haha it's really great to inspire someone like that... great post!

Gem said...

Laquita: Thank you!

CO: Something about seeing a whole group of naturals together is very inspirational.

Chanel: I know what you mean! You'll be getting a lot more stares, comments, and questions.

Fly Girl said...

I love seeing all that bushy, curly, natural hair! I have locs but I had plain natural hair that I wore like Yaya for years before that.

Anonymous said...

Hooray natural hair!!!

Gem said...

Fly Girl: How long have you had locks?

Vesper: High five!

karrie b. said...

i am CRAZYYYYYYYYY about kelis! i love her with any look really.


Gem said...

KB: Kelis would look good in a paper bag with blue dreadlocks and a missing tooth. In fact, I'm a little surprised that she hasn't done that yet.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Simply beautiful. You picked a good crop of inspiration. I think I would also have to include Badu's wig, but these are cool.


Gem said...

Lol, I could do an entirely separate post on Badu's wigs!

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