Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a fascination with the animal kingdom, and particularly those who dwell down below in the great blue beyond. One strange creature that I am obsessed with is the octopus (and to a lesser extent, the squid). They are just so weird and mysterious. I have always believed that there is so much we don't know about ocean life and it's clues to the evolution of organisms. There have been winged and finned animals found who show traces of having had feet at one time (and footed/hoofed animals showing signs of fins/wings). Many creatures have straight up evolved right the hell up out the ocean, so it's clearly a hard-knock life down there.

Anyhoo, the fact that the octopus gets all dramatic and cunty when something/someone bothers it and shoots out ink to make itself disappear and getaway is just marvelous to me. Also, just look at them! They look like some sort of marine alien-pod/hippo/spider hybrid. If I could see one in real life, that would be wonderful. I don't mean on a plate in a restaurant, either. I mean in the ocean (or a very nice/spacious aquarium, even).
Another clue that we just don't know much about ocean life: Giant squid keep getting discovered.

Look at this mother-loving beast. If he/she could, best believe he/she would eat you and everyone you care about.

This lends credence to my theory that there is a supreme, all-powerful, possibly vengeful octopus overlord down below in the depths.

This depiction may not be accurate.

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marlo said...

Ya know, I grew up on nature shows; and the most interesting of them all were always about the depths of the ocean. So mysterious and all powerful, and 75% of the Earth. We have yet to discover even half of the creatures in the ocean...and who knows whats in the abyss? I'm enchanted by those facts. At the Ga. aquarium I can spend days looking at the Octopus, Jelly fish, and leafy sea-dragons (these drive me nuts)!

Gem said...

I also grew up on nature shows and have always been fascinated by ocean life. I plan to do another post about sea-dragons and sea-horses...those are crazy little creatures!

ChocolateOrchid said...

You're funny!
I love these photos!

God bless the photog. who took the pic. of the mother squid.! She's beautiful but not enough for me to wanna get close to.

Fly Girl said...

I don't know which I find more creepy, the photos of actual octupi or Ursula, the evil octupussy who tricked Ariel!

Naptress said...

thanks for stopping by my blog..yes I'm vegan as well...though there are some who follow a raw food diet and eat raw beef and fish as well as unpasteurized eggs and dairy...I'm digging your blog

Doc Brown said...


This is the funny AND educational, You've done it again my friend.

Gem said...

CO: Thank you, and yes if I actually saw this on a ship I would just sit down and cry.

FG: I know, right? I might just take my chances with Ursula. I don't sing like Ariel, lol.

Naptress: Thank you for visiting and I love your blog; absolutely love it!

DB: Thank you, thank you.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

On another sea-note, I heard on Discovery that jellyfish are taking over the world [via every ocean ever]. It's wild and I will probably never set toe in an ocean again.

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