Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fast Food Nation*

*You should totally read the book, Fast Food Nation.

Anyhoo, please watch this. With your speakers on when you can. Give up fast food (or try to phase it out if you are not in a position to cook all the time). There are cheap, healthy, easy recipes out there. Try them. If you need help, ask me. This is amazing. What the hell are we putting in our bodies, in our children's bodies? Happy Meals my ass.

4 jewels of thought:

Desiree said...

I saw Super Size Me about five years ago and I promise I stopped eating fast food completely! McDonald's was the first to go, quickly followed by all the rest. Fast food is the devil!

Chanel said...

Ok first of all, the girl that works for giving the interview is an idiot. it was painful watching her try to respond to what the woman was saying.

Second of all, EW! that's incredible! And not the good kind of incredible. I'm glad I swore off of fast food as one of my resolutions. awesome post!!

Doc Brown said...

LOL, I have to agree with Chanel. I couldn't get over how terrible that girl was, and the woman with the burger was a little crazy, just a bit psycho.

She did make a good point though.

Gem said...

Desiree: Fast food is the devil. It is made of fat, grease, and evil.

Chanel and Doc: I didn't even notice the ditz because I was too busy barfing, lol. She is kind of a tard though. Doc, the woman with the burger should be crazy! Have you seen the size of the kids growing up now? Football player size, the lot of them!

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